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Thread: Which diapers and where to buy

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    Default Which diapers and where to buy

    Hello fellow DLs

    I'm new to the forum and have a few questions

    I'm 18, and use diapers every now and then because I want to.
    I don't ever want anyone to find out, i'd like to know what diapers to buy next.
    A few months back i bought some babydry size 6 from a shop in a town near here, they were good but i'd like something that fits a bit better and holds more wetness, i'd like to stick to baby diapers/pullups/maybe drynites.
    Also i'd like to know how to buy them without getting caught, I dont really want to go into a shop again because I could see someone I know.

    suggestions would be great

    thanks x

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    Hi and Welcome to ADISC !

    To answer your question, L/XL goodnites are good, they fit me awesome with a waist size of 26" and the absorption is not bad at all, obviously it doesn't feel exactly like a diaper.

    Regarding on how to buy them, if you see someone you know and they see you buying diapers/goodnites just tell them its for someone else and change the subject, It's none of their business actually.
    It's unlikely to find someone else in the store, I usually go to these stores in the morning, no one ever goes and cashiers don't care at all.

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    If you want my advice, try to go at a later hour, if possible. I went to a Harris Teeter at like 11:00 at night. It was a bit risky, since it was close to where I live, but people in a grocery or drug store are there that late, they generally are going to be leaving quickly. I wait for a clear aisle, quickly get a pack of goodnites, and go to self checkout. Of course there's always the internet (e.g. ebay) but I prefer store going.

    With regard to what kinds of diapers, goodnites are solid, since they stretch well for me (Have a 36 inch waist, and they normally don't tear on me), but I've heard Underjams are more absorbent. I would say just swallow some pride and go to the store, but its your call. Good luck.

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    If you really love baby diapers and have some extra money you should consider looking online. I personally would suggest you look up ABUniverse, they have an awesome design that will definately fit.

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