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Thread: Let's be friends

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    Default Let's be friends

    I'm just looking to talk to some people and make some friends.

    I'm into a lot of general things and not too many specific things, so chances are I will have something in common with you.. I'm 18 years old and I am enjoying life in college with my roomies right now.

    I would like to keep things platonic and I am not scared to show my face on cam or any of that nonsense, you decide how much you know me. I'm a pretty relaxed guy, so if I sound like someone you would like to chat with just shoot me a pm and we will certainly get to chatting.

    (Any orientations of any kind are welcome, whether they be religious, sexual, or gender-related)

    We're all awesome in our own ways so hopefully I'll get to meet some awesome people!

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    Hi Wolfies, I'm LilCoyote, from the chat room. I am a few years older than you, well, maybe more than a few but anyway I am a software engineer who joined adisc a little over a year ago. I'm also an amateur weather watcher. Have been interested in weather all my life and was going to be a meteorologist before the geek in me discovered computers. See you around.

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    Oh yea, that's cool, I enjoy watching a good storm.. especially the dangerous ones... weather can humble you.. if you know what I mean :P

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    Hi Wolfies. I personally like to surf, bowl, weather watch, star watch, but mostly I just like to relax and play some games or watch some movies cartoons or anime. What are some of the things you like to do?

    Quote Originally Posted by LilCoyote View Post
    I'm also an amateur weather watcher. Have been interested in weather all my life and was going to be a meteorologist before the geek in me discovered computers.
    I also love the weather, it fascinates me. It's just so mesmerizing how an organized storm forms. Tornadoes are amazing to watch as well out in the field as long as nobody gets hurt. I go storm chasing every couple of years or so with my brother in law, it's very fun, but hard on the wallet.

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    Personally, as of now, I play Xbox One and go to college. This summer I will be getting a longboard and going cruising like crazy hopefully.... seems so fun..

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    Hi Wolfies, I always want to make more friends! I'm also in college right now and will be graduation in June. I like a lot of different things, like photography, snowboarding, swimming, playing playstation, and watching movies, just to name a few things.

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    Hi Wolfies!
    I'm just a year older, but would love to talk. Trying to make more Ab/dl friends ^_^ share some similar life choice, so it'd be fun to talk.
    So far i only have one really good diaper friend! I can introduce you to him! He's all the way in Norway really cool guy
    I like a lot of art stuff, and been really in to going to the gym lately.

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    Sorry guys, I was asleep, and that is awesome DLove, I'll send you a friend request. I like art too, though I don't make much art anymore... can never find the time..

    Shadow, I love the beach... if I could be homeless on the beach and thrive.. I definitely would... the beach is so awesome...

    if you guys want just shoot me messages, I will respond =o


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    Hai Wolfies

    I'm Lozza, I'm 35 years old,I'm into art, movies, airsoft, reading and video games.Also I like anime and I listen to metal.Hope you enjoy your stay here at ADISC.Nice avatar by the way, I love wolves.

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    Hello Wolfies

    If you do not mind talking to a older folk type, I am game.

    I will keep an eye out for your stuff in the forums.


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