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Thread: What don't you like...

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    Angry What don't you like...

    What don't you like about todays generation of youth? Specifically, teens (may be your peers).

    I was just thinking about it, and figured I'd make a thread and hopefully invoke some interesting conversation.

    There are quite a few things that annoy me. I don't know if it was my good upbringing, or the exact opposite that makes me despise some things teens do these days, but here is a list, lol.

    Drinking & Acting like a fool. Now, I'm not against a drink here or there, whether you are underage, but that doesn't mean you have to go sleep with some random person, land yourself in jail, or take your top off. Its disgusting and shameful the way some teens get when they are drunk. I don't think you should be getting drunk at all.

    Sex & Getting Pregnant. Obviously guys can't get pregnant, but sex. I am a firm believer in no sex before marriage, and I think that is the best way to go. I have no sympathy for a girl who gets pregnant when they are young and stupid, nor do I have any sympathy when a child gets an std. Of course there would be exceptions, such as rape, however I'd say most of it is careless and reckless acts on the child's behalf.

    Poor language skills. Now, I use a fair amount of slang myself, such as "Whats up" or "Yo" WHEN IT IS APPROPRIATE. That is the big thing. I have many friends who greet their teachers like that! I think it's ridiculous! Do peoples parents not teach them the proper way to talk these days? Jeesh, I'm surprised teens are still passing the literacy test.

    Racy clothing. What ever happened to a simple jeans & t-shirt? Kids these days are either wearing black eye makeup and fishnet stockings, sagging pants with half their arse hanging out, or a skirt that shows everything when they bend down. Sure, it may be fashionable, but half the time the person just looks ridiculous.

    Well there are more, I just don't feel like typing anything else, lol.

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    Any white kid saying such stuff as:

    "What up, G?"
    "Hey bruh, whut up?"
    *goes on to list every stereotypical "wigger" phrase*

    Jesus christ, I hate kids like that. You're not urban, you're not in the hood, and you're not black! You're a White 16 year old Australian living in the suburbs, you goddamn tool!! *looks over at next-door neighbour*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraiden View Post
    Any white kid saying such stuff as:
    You're a White 16 year old Australian living in the suburbs, you goddamn tool!!
    OMFG that was the best thing you've ever said! That was awesome! I have to say, it's not just a white kid thing... I hang out with a lot of black people who would be considered "hood" or whatever you want to call them. A lot of them try too hard as well, funny when they talk one way around a group, and then another when they are with me alone, and no one is watching.

    It's always funny when a random guy will come up to me and go, "whaddup mami" and I get to reply, "My name isn't Mami, it's Amanda."

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    Good topic mandi, I am happy to see you concerned with our generations youth, I am too very concerned with it. The poor langauge skills does not bother me so much, unless thats how they talk 24/7, but where I like I do not know anyone like that around here I geuss because its pretty high class county. I also think the racy clothing is not a big deal either, even though I agree some of it looks hilarous, they are just trying to differ themselfs and start their own movements and accomplishments that apply specifically for their race, which I can understand.

    Now when it comes to drinking and sex I totally agree with you on those, it is wwwaayyy out of control. Here is what urks me the most, that about 80-90% guys in the US are litterally complete assholes, specially to women. I think it is disgusting how men have become, and I make sure I never turn out that way and do my best to be polite to everyone, and treat girls with respect and dignity when she gives it to me.

    Ok but that is not want urks me the most, the fact that basically 90% of women seek out assholes invoulantarily without even realizing it, and even sometimes on purpose! For some reason they find it sexually apealling to have a guy scold them when they make a simple mistake, or have no respect at all even when they are not fighting. If I had a dollar for everytime I saw a girl be verbally, physically, or sexually abused by her boyfriend and STILL stay with him I would be a BILLIONAIRE! AHHHH! It makes me so furious! Specially because I am the type of guy who has never laid a hand on a girl negatively and never will, I have never even disrespected a girl verbally first, only when they disrespect me is when I give them the same disrespect back haha, its only fair.

    So I am the one who suffers when I am COMPLETLY innocent, I get sterotyped by all women. As everyone knows every girl says "All guys are assholes" or "All guys are dicks" and I get categorized in it just because I am a guy. That statement is not true, yes like I said that most, NOT all guys are jerks. There is something seriously wrong with the majority of men and women of our society, not just teens. With guys treating girls like absolute crap and girls enjoying it, we are heading into a hell whole.

    Oh yeah and if I here a girl try to defend her abusive BF one more time by saying things like "He is really a nice guy deep down, you just have to get to know him," or "I have changed him a lot and he is getting better and will eventually treat me good," and of course the simple dumb response "you do not understand us." AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    Thanks for allowing me to rant Mandi! I am soooo happy your not one of these girls, I can tell just because of the things you said in this thread.

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    Footed P.J.


    I am 32, and I probably dress a bit young. I like jeans and college tees and college hoodies. OK. There's my big quirk.

    However, I do feel alienated by most teens. I hate how some teens are loud just for the sake of being loud. I also VERY much agree with the whole wiggerspeak issue. I especially hate it when I politely offer my hand for a normal handshake, and the guy decides to clench his fist and expect me to clench mine, and do one of those "handshakes" (I wish I could describe that better).

    Bad spelling, when deliberate, bothers me. The prevailing irritation with punctuation maddens me. Imagine my post without periods. What?!?!?!

    I do, oddly, like modern rock (MGMT, Interpol, Arcade Fire, etc. etc.) quite a bit. Not sure if that'll be true in, say, my 70's, though.

    Not sure how far to go on, not sure when to stop.

    *looks up "secret handshake on Wikipedia*

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    Hehe. Can I just point out this isn't just for our generation... let's look at my Dad's group of friends.
    14 of them had kids before 20. I have 9 friends with kids and we're now 20 (only one of the couples is really ready for a kid.)
    He drank a carton every week (carton is 24 bottles of beer.. full strength) and he worked for over 50 hours a week so I don't know where he fit it in. My mates do about the same. I drink a 6 pack if I go out.
    Look at the 70s clothes.. come on... They looked only a little less stupid and over the top. The funny fashion in my group right now is the bogun. Stereotypical Aussie dress. Wife beater (blue singlet), flannel shirt, work boots, work pants and a beer in the hand. Note, 6 of the people that dress like this work in offices.

    That homey G crap makes me laugh. I automatically insult any aussie kid who tries to sound American. (Now to you American MC's I'm not trying to put you down I just don't aussies trying to copy you're sound. It just isn't on Aussies ignoring their heritage, picking up the mic and sounding like they were American. Hilltop Hoods - Aussie Accents) Then I went to America and I actually insulted a kid (14 yr old) without thinking ... but that was how he actually talked. Still was a white rich kid trying to be in the Bronx but meh... he wasn't aussie so I didn't really mind

    The problem with my generation in Australia is that they have no concept of money. People my age have a lot of money compared to usual and they just spend spend spend. I have a friend who was 20k in debt by the age of 19. 2 motor bikes and a car. No-one ever seems to have any money even though we are all earning $600 a week or more which is twice the poverty wage. I saved 11k and travelled around the world and it has only taken 4 months to save 5k again. What are these twats doing?

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    Oh geez... there's a whole lot I could complain about when it comes to my peers. :p

    First up is the damn fashion trends that are being set nowadays. It's really getting to the point where it really feels like everyone has the same wardrobe! The new "metro" craze is just beyond me. At a glance, it's a bunch of "jocks" - otherwise known as "tools" or "wankers" - dressed up in a incredibly short sleeved t-shirts, noticeably striped or an eccentric pattern and in bright colours, is very tight and shows a lot of skin from around the shoulders. And these are the same people that are loud, uncouth and can ruin any ambience that is around. Their flamboyant clothing can only be matched by their loud attitude, often which is used to hurl idiotic comments to their friends or any girls that go by. These people should honestly have a stamp on their forehead: WARNING! DO NOT FEED ALCOHOL. WILL BECOME 10 TIMES MORE RETARDED.

    And next up is that damn fluoro trend, where you could be walking around at night and still be blinded by the brightness. Mostly worn by "teenie-bopper" girls or guys wearing HOT PINK, they are often found hanging around in groups, trying to illuminate even the darkest of people. And if they can't get someone to talk with them, they act like total bitches, as if the 10 kilograms of makeup they have on hasn't made them pretty enough to get noticed. They are best avoided when in queues as they are loud and talk non-stop. They fail to realise that they are a walking highlighter, so people can't help but to notice them. They are the attention whores of the real world.

    And then there is the total lack of care toward other people. They think they know it all, that they can do anything, go anywhere and not suffer and consequences because of it. Last time I checked, if you are an asshole in the real-world, expect to get a a negative response back. It's not like your friends, where everyone takes it as a joke. Oh no, keep it up and the only one who'll be laughing is the guy the sharing the prison cell with you. Seriously, they think they "all there is", which pulls up well beyond being self-centred.

    *vents* >:|

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    I really don't see any of the things brought up here except the gangster talk but hey w/e. But i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere(no lie we were talking to a lady that live in the town next to us ans she didn't know we were there lol.)

    But a few of my quipes:

    The whole way to emotionally vested in bf/gfs. I understand dating, natural thing, but when you been going out for a week and then break up and talk about suicide and skip school and stuff its like come on already.

    That about it really though i am part of the generation being discussed and i tend not to look at the faults of my peers and myself.

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    I definitely hate how most girls dress, dirty sluts, they have no self respect gettin around like that. Poor language skills, well I can't really talk there lol.. and I have a mouth like a sewer. I think having sex before marriage is fine, even for 16+ year olds as long as they use contraception and practice safe sex, tho I didn't have sex till I was 19 Yeah and getting drunk is fine, if you are of the legal age, and it's not a regular thing.

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    I dislike about todays youth :

    *How mindless they can be
    *How VIOLENT and cruel they can be (it reminds me of Lord of the Flies sometimes, I swear!)
    *And what Mandi mentioned, how much they overdo it with fashion. Sure, I wear a simple pair of jeans and t shirt, 99% of the time. They are also usually black, admittedly, but my wardrobe only has black clothing. (and some blue jeans). I find it completely stupid to do my eyes, spend over 9000 hours to do my hair and another 9000 selecting my accessories.

    I know, I'm not old or smth, but many things about some of my co-youths culture is stupid.

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