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    Default Better diaper?

    Which diaper is better, in terms of both absorbency and discreetness, the Abena M4 or the Tena Slip Maxi? I am in the market to order my first pack of diapers and was wondering which would be the better option. Other suggestions are welcome!

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    I'd have to vote for the Tena Slip Maxi. I've actually worn those under jeans out in the world. I love the Abenas, but just can't convince myself that they wouldn't be noticeable under my jeans. I've had the Tenas do well for a movie with a large fountain soda.

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    Tena Slip Maxi's are a little thinner and more discrete, yet still absorbs more than enough for what most people need. I'd say go with them if you're worried about people finding out in public.

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    Abena M4's absorb more, Tena Slip Maxi's are more discreet and thinner. 'nuff said.

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    Tena Slip Maxi are best - they've got a great fit, elastic leg cuffs all around the leg, and despite thinness they can absorb a lot. I'd say they're just 1 notch below Abriform M4s in terms of absorbency, but in exchange you get amazing comfort and less bulk.

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