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Thread: Oh shit, you can lose your kids over your AB/DL lifestyle

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    Default Oh shit, you can lose your kids over your AB/DL lifestyle

    Someone found out about me and reported me to social services and a social worker showed up and they had copies of my blog and now they have taken my son and will take my daughter too when I have her. Only way to get them back is to take parenting classes and to give up my diapers and deal with the urge to go all the time or feeling like I am going to wet my pants.

    April Fools

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    You had me for a second there....

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    This is just mean to say... being the 1st of April i am being causes of everything posted but still it is mean. :P

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    I need to be on a higher lookout for these. even though i know its April now...

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    You had me worried for you, maybe I should just stay off the internet until tomorrow.

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    The benefits of having a 4:3 ratio monitor: Blank space pranks don't work too well! :P

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