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Thread: Greetings from NC!

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    Hey! My name is Sam I'm 18, and absolutely consider myself an AB or TB. My goal is the become completely diaper dependent in a few years (while I'm in college). I do wet and mess my diaper because I really like the "full baby" experience, and also use bottles, pacifiers, baby powder, baby food, ect.. I'm gay, and am so lucky to have such a loving boyfriend who not only accepts me, but completely babies me and wants to make me incontinent because I "look cute in my diapey." I wear diapers because they just maker feel secure, and it brings me back to a time that life wasn't so stressful and complicated. I'm so happy to be joining this family, and want to thank you guys so much for already helping me better understand myself through the forums and such

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    Hello Sam. Lovely that you have a supportive boyfriend

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