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    Default online crossdressing shop

    ahhh i lost a link i got from here to a nice online shop that sell stuff like bloomers school uniform and underwear and other costumes. tried to find the forum it was under but cant seem to find it. please help

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    Company located in the USA or UK ?
    Conventional Catholic school wear or more fetish wear - costumes ?
    Did they have sizes that fit you (just barely) or a wide range of sizes ?
    The bloomers - plain briefs or more jazzy ruffled frilly dance panties ?
    Anything to do with AB-DL ?

    Have you been to the website recently ?
    Have you checked your HISTORY of websites visited ?
    Did you have this online shop BOOKMARKED ?
    Possible you moved the bookmarked site and hid it in another folder ?

    Could it be something like this website ?


    It is one of my favorites !

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