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Thread: Ad: AB/DL/IC Apartment Building

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    Default Ad: AB/DL/IC Apartment Building

    So, a good friend of mine is in real estate.

    He manages the development and initial renting out of apartment buildings.
    Unfortunately the recent recession has caused a shortage of demand.

    So, he has two buildings which are about to be ready to move into, but for which he has no customers lined up.
    One is in New York (USA), the other is in London (UK).

    The AB/DL community has been good to him over the years, so with these buildings sitting empty, he had an idea.

    Here's the deal:
    • These are competitively-priced apartments in downtown NY/London.
    • He hopes to fill as many vacancies as possible with AB, DL or IC folk.
    • If he gets enough people interested, he can look to reserve at least one floor for us, which means facilities like potentially a shared playspace area, changing tables in bathrooms, AB wallpaper preinstalled, etc.
    • In the unlikely event that we fill at least 3 floors, he's thinking about hiring a caretaker/nurse to change residents who'd like that (wet diapers only, weekends only, and subject to an additional fee). This is of course, just an idea at this stage, subject to lots of conditions, but it is an idea. Believe it or not, landlords are always up for providing premium services if there's demand for them. In this case, it could work out well for us too, as he'd be effectively negotiating a bulk rate for us.
    • In any case, the apartments will have a doorman and standard features for the area. Given that the building needs tenants in the next few months, he's also willing to offer a surprisingly good deal on rent.

    If you'd be interested in this, send me a PM.

    Please note that we're not looking for people to sign on the dotted line just yet.
    At this stage, we're only trying to estimate interest, to see if the idea is worth exploring further.
    So, PMing me if you're simply a bit interested is fine.

    Obviously, he wants stable tenants, and given ADISC's reputation, we naturally came up as a good place to find stable, mature AB/DL/IC folk who won't default on rent.
    So, if the project does go ahead, anyone signing up via ADISC will get a 5% discount on rent.
    Potentially, this is a good arrangement for everyone. So, be sure to PM me soon if you're interested.

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