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    OK - so... wow! let me just say wow again! My DL buddy in the UK just sent me a pack of their version of goodnites (drynites) I have to say, they had a nice rework over the old version (current us version). The guitar and 360 prints are cute, but this thing crinkles more, has different elastic styling, and a (measured) markedly larger room in the front for your... umm... junk. The sides are sturdier it seems, slightly softer and absorbed a full wetting with no leaks due to the deeper leak guards! I'm so happy . just had to share the joy. .They really did re-work these!

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    oh yeah... the bag they come in opens differently at the top and has a drawstring so you can put your used diaper in it. that's why the top of the bag looked different in all the pix i saw.

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    Dam I got all excited then...I saw the title UK Drynights and thought *yes* they must have updated them, but no. Any ways glad you like them Lol.

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    Do you have a picture of them? ^-^ and im happy for you

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    Yay! I just tried a drynites sample and they fit! A little snug to be sure but there's nothing wrong with that!

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    They were redesgned about 15 months ago, after Huggies shut their UK factory.

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    They are much much better than the current Goodnites here in the states. I think they are now made in the Czech Republic.

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