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    Hello to all,

    My name is Jacob. I have hear about this site and have wanted to join for the past couple of months. I wanted to say hi. I am a abdl and have been for a while. I am 26 and live in the USA. I will proudly say that I am engaged to a wonderful woman. She does know about this side of me but she does not know that I engage in the community. She does accept that I like diapers and that they are a little comforting for me when I am stressed. I guess that is what diapers do for me. Sometimes a diaper is what I need to feel good. Moreless bring me back to the time when we didnt have that much stress in our lives. I am not say back to babyhood, but I would say when I was in high school or when I was in college and stil living at home with my parents. Yes I had and have finacial stresses but they were not like the ones many of adult have and face. Yes college is stressfull and those of us who are still going to or in it or have accomplished it know what I mean. But there were those times when ther wasnt much stress.

    So in a nutshell that is why I wear diapers. I do like the regressing here and there but I find this to a good stress releaver.

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    Hello Jacob and welcome to the group.

    This was a nice explanation of your reason for being here, but could you please take some time and tell us something about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Well a little about me I am 25 years old and I am engaged. Some of my hobbies are yardwork and going boating with my family. I know that sounds kind of funny for work to be a hobby. But for me I get a good feeling of accomplishment of looking at the work that I have done in the yard whether that is landscaping or just having a manicured lawn.

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