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Thread: Cheap and light Adult Overall for the summertime

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    Default Cheap and light Adult Overall for the summertime


    Its a long time, since I posted the last post here on adisc, but here we go.

    I have 3 Overalls, which are out of lambskin or fleece, but they are so hot, that you can't sleep in them when its not really cold in your room.

    In the last weeks/mount's I couldn't be really "little", but now it changed, so that i want anything to wear while sleeping, so that I can even be little when I'm sleeping

    The problem is that my budget is not really high (I'm a graduate student).

    I would like this overall, or something like this Footed Pajamas

    but I don't know if this will fit me ... Normally I wear clothes in XL.

    Do you know alternatives ?
    Would be good if they ship to Germany


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisb View Post
    The closest thing I've seen to those that's summer weight is theses;

    Cotton Onesies and All-in-one Sleepsuits with pop studs on legs - Donann

    Hope this is useful
    Thank you, but i think the samples are really ugly ... at least the cutton-ones.

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    OH MY GOSH I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS WEBSITE. I reeeaallllyyy want some fleece dungerees now!!! Thank you so much Chrisb ^________________^ It's super duper pricey but from what I can see...totally worth every penny.

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    I've always ordered em from , they also have shortalls!

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    Hi, I've got stuff like this from All in one Onesies by Onesies R Us, they're UK based but they ship internationally.
    Another AB reccomended it to me and I've got a few things from there, the two things I found most helpful are that they make custom onesies (and they're used to adult baby requests) like they did me a My Little Pony one, and also they're made to measure, so you send them chest and height measurements and they'll get something that's a good fit, I've had so many experiences ordering something and it being too long for me as I'm pretty short. Oh yeah and I don't know where you're from but they ship anywhere! which is pretty handy. They've also just started doing these OnesiesRus: OnesiesRus: Adult Romper Suit which I have a couple of and are a much cooler for sleeping. Let me know if that's any help I'm new here.

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