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Thread: Sippy Cup/Bottle Recommendations

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    Default Sippy Cup/Bottle Recommendations

    Hello friends
    Over the last couple of years I've gone through a few different bottles and sippy cups. I haven't tried many different types and am looking to buy some new ones, I am wondering if there are there any brands or certain products that you prefer or found that you enjoyed more than others? Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!

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    Avent bottles they have great flow with a 4 nipple .

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    I'll second foxkits suggestion. I have an 11 oz. Avent bottle with a nipple that's just perfect for me (I even prefer it over the adult size NUK nipple). Also, if you are looking for larger bottles, try Kleen Kanteen. Without modifications, they have sippy and bottle attachments that will work with Avent products. So, you can have a 40 oz bottle with a Avent nipple on it. I do

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    I'm a very big fan of the MAM Trainer Cups. They come with both bottle and trainer spouts, which you can swap out depending on your mood. Oddly, I'm mostly a fan of trainer spout. It's larger than a bottle teet, and feels better to suck on. It's made of a similar material to soft sippycup spout and does a great job of being half way between a sippycup and bottle. This bottle is quite big and holds about 290ml of liquid I believe. They also come in a couple of great designs:

    Hope that helps .

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    Thanks! These all sound awesome and I'll have to try and see what works best for me

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    I had a bottle with a NUK5 nipple and it was "ok". But I guess I'm closer to 2 years old and I find this sippy cup that seems kind of like a hybrid much better. It flows enough for a full on adult but it still has the shape of something you can suck on. I really like it. The top is soft silicon so it mimics a bottle in part, but the flow makes the wine go quick. You can suck and chew on it like a regular bottle but it's much more functional.

    Cups and Spouts < Nby

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    Thanks James! I have tried the nuby brand and it was the first sippy cup that I got as an ageplayer. I have owned a few but tend to have some issues with them. They are a great product but just aren't for me. Thanks again anyway

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    Playtex ventaire, my favorite, and easy to clean, opens on top and bottom, also available in many stores. Its a normal baby bottle, but it feels large enough for me. It is really easy to nurse on.

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    I was incredibly lucky, and found a BPH free water bottle with threads that perfectly fit a Nuk nipple, so I am set up... I have a 32 ounce bottle that is too big for my hand to reach around, and it does not leak

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    I use sometimes bottle with wide Nipple Suavinex (the largest one) and it works good for me.

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