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Thread: Wet or dry around the house

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    Default Wet or dry around the house

    When your around the house do you prefer to be in a wet diaper or a dry diaper. And have you ever filled your diaper with any thing other then urine. I had a high school friend that would fill his diapers with water for the mushy feeling.

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    Since I wear for need, I'm more wet than dry.

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    Definitely wet, and I try to get the most from each diaper. I've never understood those who buy premium diapers and then change them the moment they're wet. A good diaper--the Abena DeltaForm or Tena Super Stretch--will hold three, sometimes four good soakings. And hey, the more you use your diaper, the less water you waste, right? I think that makes me an environmentalist.


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    lets see when i am alone i like to use my diaper naturally so it ends up about half the time i am dry and half the time i am wet. i have gotten into the bath and shower a few times for that extra thick squishy diaper. but i have tried many things in my diaper such as banana, oatmeal stuff, flower (bad idea lol long time ago does not work like baby powder)

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    Wet. I like a thick diaper, and unless I totally flood it, I'm going to keep it on after a wetting or two. Plus it feels nice and warm.

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    I prefer being wet, but I change fast because I'm to scared of getting a rash.

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    I wear 24/7 pretty much and I like both wet and dry.A fresh dry nappy looks and feels great, but a wet one also does the same and is nice and warm between the legs.I wet my nappies to their recommended absorbance capacity, about 2-3 wettings before I change so I get full use out of them as their not cheap and I have little cash.However if I feel I have been in a wet nappy too long I will change as I'm concerned about nappy rash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerProgrammer View Post
    I prefer being wet, but I change fast because I'm to scared of getting a rash.
    You'd think this would be an issue, but it actually depends a lot on the person. I've wet, then gone to bed and slept 8 hours in a wet diaper a few nights in a row and no rash at all. Other people have more sensitive skin. But don't be too scared to experiment, an early rash isn't that bad anyway, and you can nip it in the bud pretty quickly.

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    I prefer being dry, I'll mostly use the bathroom when I need to go, but I also like being wet and hate to waste a diaper, I'll use my diaper if I'm playing a game and don't want to get up or if I'm out of the house and won't be back for awhile, or I end up wet after sleeping as that sometimes happens. I'll change shortly after being wet because I too do not like rashes at all.

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    It really depends on the sort of diaper I'm wearing. In cloth, I prefer to be dry, and I usually change pretty quickly after finishing my business. In disposables, I find the squishiness of a wet diaper quite enjoyable, and will often add water to my diaper ahead of time if I don't sense an imminent need to urinate.

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