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Thread: Tried to bust out two videos on my half day off.

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    Default Tried to bust out two videos on my half day off.

    Well, It's been way too long so I rushed two videos even though I am working every day.

    I've been working every day for 4 weeks except one day so far.

    Yesterday / Today was a one job day so only 8 hours instead of 16 so I tried to get some new videos made.

    ::hugs and cuddles:: (I sure could use some myself!)

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    ...You're BabyMitchy!? O: I watched you on YouTube like 4 months ago, you're the reason I made an account here. Just like to say thanks man, and that this is a great video. I love this song. I hope you're doing alright and aren't too stressed.

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    Hey thanks Shadow! Yeah it's that babymitchy. I really haven't been active at all on adisc for a long time....(sadly) I've been over working myself with my two jobs trying to get money for more of the stuff I want to do. I really should post more on adisc. I do have needs and issues that I could definitely benefit from talking them out.

    This week is a slow production week now apparently so between now and next Monday I will have more free time! More ME time!

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    It always sucks to not have time for yourself, I however have the opposite problem. I need a second job, the one I'm working right now isn't doing so well, I'm not working often enough. I have plans to move out get my own place with a few friends, that know my little secret. I just want to have a good balance between free time fun and work with decent cash flow. It should be easier because I have a few friends that understand and cares that will be living with me. But the problem with me is that I need money to get a car to go to work, I need work to get money to get a car. -_- I can't use my dad's truck as it is the only transport we have and would be inconvinient for both of us, I can't have any of my friends drive me as that is really inconvenient for them and they have problems of their own. Every time I save up just enough for a car, something comes up and I have to use it to help with bills. ugh, life is full of problems. Hopefully we'll both be fine in time.

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