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Thread: Restoring itunes after a computer crash???

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    Default Restoring itunes after a computer crash???

    Hi. I recently lost all the data on my computer. I have cd's with the backup files from my itunes library. I tried to put them back on my itunes program, but my comp. says it can't find the files. I have no idea what I'm doing. Can anyone help me???

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    Try using iTunes CDrip feature

    EDIT: shouldn't this be in computers and games.

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    well, isn't the rip feature for music cd's? i have the music files on cd. will it still work?

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    Umm, open the files in explorer and see if there are any music files in the CD's? I can't exactly tell what the problem is.

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    To restore backed-up files, insert a backup disc, choose File > Library > "Back Up to Disc," and then click Restore.

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    Since iTunes won't allow you to backup to a HDD (what's up with that anyway?) I usually just copy the entire iTunes folder (containing the library files and whatnot) when I do backups. If you did, just put it and all the files that goes with it back in the correct place (overwrite the existing ones).

    If you didn't. It's a good tip for the future

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