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Thread: Protective Mattress Cover with prints?

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    Default Protective Mattress Cover with prints?

    I may not be searching correctly, but I have been looking for a plastic mattress cover (full zipper / encasement) that has prints on it. I saw a honeybears print item but I am looking more for a race cars or fire engines or sports characters on the cover. Any suggestions? I have my typical all white vinyl mattress covers but about every 10 years I need to replace them. I would like some type of colorful print. Thanks

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    fetware sells them, although they aren't really going to last you a long time

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    I have a Cali King and so had to order mine special as o one seems to make them. Try this link Mattress Covers
    It should be what your looking for but non to cheap.

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    Thanks Quartz for the reply; yes this is where I saw the honeybears but that was the only choice. There was a blue one on another website but I was looking for something more interesting.

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    You might want to check out AngelFluff: Mattress Covers I have not personally purchased from them, but I have heard they are pretty good. They have a decentish selection of printed mattress covers.

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