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Thread: How many People use Baby diapers as stuffers?

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    Default How many People use Baby diapers as stuffers?

    I am just wondering how many other IC people use baby diapers inside their regular protection to get added capacity or wear time? I just started the other day using a luvs size six inside of the wellness briefs to get me through heavier days while at work. I can last till lunch time before the luvs is soaked and make a quick trip to restroom and pull it out and have an essentially dry brief to last the rest of day at work. It was a little hard adjusting to the extra bulk but I can see how this would help cut down changes and save money in the long run. How many other people out there are doing this too?

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    I am not IC, but I often use baby diapers or drynites/underjams as stuffers.
    They are excellent absorbers, much more so than adult diapers infact.

    I think the SAP to pulp ratio is much higher in baby diapers than adult ones.

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    I don't have a changing issue being retired so I don't use baby diapers as stuffers for my disposables. I do use a stuffer with my AIO
    overnight diaper to control leaks.

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    I have for years, once I figured out how much better they absorb compared to adult ones. A big box of them can last for months at the rate I use them at 2 a day, no one has ever noticed the added bulk in my pants, or any odor issues, as some of them, especially Pampers, have a very distinct smell, which I like anyhow!

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    I look for baby diapers in the thrift stores all the time. I can get some good deals on them.

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    I use tena underwear. I find that you can reach in and tear out the absorbent liner with ease and they make great stuffers I use them with Abena m-4 and can go all day without a change. I do have a medical issue and at times I'm away from home and unable to change for several hours I have used I m-4 and Tena underwear liner for 13 hours And it held just fine.

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    I wear cloth diapers at night. Sometimes I will add a prefold cloth baby diaper as a stuffer for overnight.

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    I use TotalDry Ultimate Boost Ups. You don't need to tear them out when they fill up because they pass urine to the underlying diaper when they are full. I can get 8 -14 hours (no messing) with these and a Dry 24/7 or Bellissimo but prefer to get a clean change as soon as I get home. The price seems pretty reasonable too for an extra 1700ml capacity.

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    I wear cloth 90 percent of the time and use cloth baby diapers for extra capacity.

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