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Thread: Ever been glad for protection when it really matters?

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    Default Ever been glad for protection when it really matters?

    Like in the case of the Evil Gummi Bears -

    I had not heard of this until I recently had a similar experience with another kind of sugarless candy where, while I didn't allow myself a full-on blowout, the diaper certainly did come in handy. I'm not big on messing but when I do I'd much prefer enemas where I have more control in when and where it happens, and for how long

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    Ohhhhh myyy face hurts...XD
    The five star reviews are hilarious...

    Anyway, to answer your question, I have never been in an instance where I was glad for protection...but that's because I've never been near a blowout. Lucky me, I guess?

    At least, I have been able to simulate those conditions with protection...but nothing similar to what those evil gummi bears were causing! XD

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    I now know i am Sorbitol intolerant.

    As a diabetic i eat sugar free products when ever posable.

    Sorbitol causes me to blow up like a balloon with severe pain, gas and diarrhea.

    This can take hours or days to pass and it does it suddenly and messy.

    Since i am a DL that wears 24/7 then diapers have saved me a couple times.
    When companies have changed the sweeter in there products from splenda to Sorbitol without warning.

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