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    I would like to know from y'all experience. Will my wife accept the AB/DL side of me over time or is that something I'm going do when she's not around for the rest of my life? What y'all think?

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    This is something only you will be able to answer. You know your wife and what she is into. You could possibly bring it up in a round about way if this kink would be something she would like to try. But I would suggest not pressing the matter or bringing up that you are into this unless you know she will be accepting of you. This could be a very hard thing for her to accept. It is not a "normal" thing for people to want to do. However, I realize that nothing is "normal". I should also be wary of hiding your use because sooner or later the truth will be revealed, and she will have to deal with it then.

    Why does it have to be so difficult to want to wear diapers!

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    We would have to know a lot more about how you told your wife, her reaction and responses, etc., before we could even venture an answer. Some wives accept this and some don't. Mine has, but I know of plenty on this site where they had to fade back into the shadows.

    Being open with your wife and talking about this is probably your best approach. You might read Rosalie Bent's book, "There's a Baby In My Bed". It's a short, 200 page book that is actually written for the spouses of adult babies. I found it to be very thorough, but perhaps, a bit extreme. I think it's worth the $12.95 price.

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    You should have brought it up a long time ago. If she accepts it, she does, if not, move onto another woman I would say but now that you're married, it's a bit late now for that advice.

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    Perhaps you could try bringing it up in conversation.For example whilst sitting round the dinner table say you once saw a program on TV, or a video on the internet, about people called adult babies and people who like diapers.Gauge your wife's reaction and If your wife's reaction is one of obvious disgust at the thought of adults liking diapers then you know she probably wont be accepting too much and should perhaps keep it to yourself.Just an idea I guess.

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    Like others have suggested, you probably already know the answer to this question. Will she accept this ? My guess is if she truly loves you she will, but her acceptance may not meet the expectations you have conjured in your head.

    The other thing to consider is how this will alter your relationship, because it will change things... She will think differently about you. ... But, that may still be ok.

    Be sure that you know your own mind before you start to enter hers. This will most likely be a massive shock to her. My advice if you go ahead, plan well, and once you've let the cat out of the bag, talk, talk, and then talk some more. Then give her some space

    Oh and don't expect anything from her, just be grateful for anything she gives. Remember always it a two way street.... Us babies can be mighty greedy at times.

    Good luck.

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    I think it entirely depends on what you actually want from her and why you've decided now is the time to tell her. You need to let her know you still love her no matter what the outcome is. It will be a really challenging time for you both which I wish you all the best in.
    My husband 'came out to me' about his AB/Dl in Jan this year after 12 years of marriage.
    I chose to accept and support my husband, I know that some partners do not feel the same when they find out about their partner having an AB/DL side but there are some (like me) that will accept them for it.
    If you choose to share it with her give her time to accept it, be open and honest with her about your feelings and why you now want to share this with her. Allow her to ask questions - I had lots! Maybe even let her look at this site so she can see you are not alone in feeling like this.

    I read there's a baby in my bed about a month after my husband had told me. I have to say that if I'd have been given it immediately I think it might have scared me off a bit. Although it is good to know there are other people out there and reassure her she is not alone in this I found the book to be quite extreme in places and I was pleased that we had already come up with boundaries of our own prior to reading the book.

    You know your wife best, you should not have to live in fear of being caught. In my opinion the worst case would be she wants no involvement at all in which case then you can continue as you are doing it when no one is around. But at least the secret will be out and you can continue knowing if she catches you it won't then be a big surprise. You never know how good her response will actually be until you have shared with her.

    Also my husband kept apologizing - He has done nothing wrong! Please be yourself, don't say sorry for it - it will make her think it is wrong. Reassure her that it is fine and allow her to set the boundaries. They can change and be flexible as you both become more used to the AB/DL in the relationship but don't be sorry for who you are.

    I wish you all the best.

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    At first she knew I wore diapers but she thought it was for continents. And I was ashamed I was thinking what adults would want to wear diapers and act like a baby It just didn't seem right to me at the time so after seeing a counselor for a few months I realize that's just a part of who i am and that there's nothing wrong with it it doesn't make me a bad person. So I decided from that day on that I was going to be completely honest with her and tell her everything so I came home and told her. I tried to explain to her that it doesn't make me a bad person that I'm still the person that she married I just have an interest in wear diapers and acting like a baby. She didn't take it very well she cried and told me she married a man not a baby.

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    Wanting to wear diapers does not make anyone a bad person! It does come as a shock when someone makes an announcement like this - I personally was hurt because of the secrecy behind it and felt that my husband hadn't been honest with me.
    You are the person she loves and still the person she married. Give her time to deal with the news and show her that you are still the man she married. Give her the chance to talk to you when she's ready but let her know you are still there for her as you always will be. Also let her know you would value her support with this and would love to share your feelings more when she's ready to hear about it.
    Continue to talk to your counselor if it is helping you - they will hopefully keep reassuring you that you no longer need to feel ashamed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuJack70517 View Post
    She didn't take it very well she cried and told me she married a man not a baby.
    My guess would be that your wife works in childcare or healthcare! That's a pretty typical reaction, in my experience.

    I think how different women respond depends very much on the woman's maternal instinct - or lack thereof. Some women have a more pragmatic view of things like changing diapers and babying an adult; for these women, the disclosure doesn't typically go over well.

    As much as I agree with Awife's response, I'd also point out that it's very difficult to "set the boundaries" when your spouse refuses to have the discussion at all. Just as you've done nothing wrong by admitting your need for diapers and playing baby, there's also nothing wrong with finding an occasional babysitter.

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