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    Jeffery dahmer ted bundy and Charles Manson all 3 of these people serial killers and yet all 3 were all smart and could have gone far in life instead they chose the dark path makes me wonder why they did what they did. What are your thoughts?

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    have you ever Hunted? hunters kill deer and other animals because it is fun (to them) and they get a sense of accomplishment. (sadly) same Principal applies. the difference between a hunter and a serial killer is the prey. serial killers hunt other Humans for what ever sick and demented reason, where as the Hunter takes out animals. they both Enjoy it, and they are both very proud of their kills. all in all the only diffrence between a serial killer and a hunter is a line of morality. one dont care and sees you as sport the other is (most times) a very hard working contributing member of society.

    Just my two cents

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    Personally I prefer serial killers to big game hunters. You know, the assholes they don't eat what they catch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentGM24 View Post
    Personally I prefer serial killers to big game hunters. You know, the assholes they don't eat what they catch.
    its an insult to the animal you killed if you don't eat it. i was taught to Bow hunt by a native American. alot of what he said stuck. those animals are living breathing sentient beings, we as omnivores (or in my case almost soley Carnivore) we must kill other animals for food. they die so we grow stronger, their sacrifice must never be forgotten. i consider it an insult to kill an animal and not use it body. after hunting season im stocked up on red meat from all the deer. the least i can do after cutting its life short is to make sure that myself, my kid, or any other person or animal get to grow stronger off its flesh.

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    Deer are tasty!, I've only licked a few people and they've been so-so.

    Seriously though sociopaths lack the ability to feel empathy or remorse and so killing is no big deal to them. How many of us "normals" can deny the urge to kill someone who deserved it but those necessary feelings thankfully stopped us? A greater IQ just helped them rack up newsworthy numbers before getting caught.

    Hunting has no comparison to murder! The pointless killing of frogs and squirrels may have some connection but trophy hunting is a ego trip for the conceited. The venison I put in my freezer would have wound up through someone's windshield as we are overrun with deer here.

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    Nam Repaid said what I was thinking. The difference was exactly that, that serial killers are psychopaths. It's mental illness at its worse. Often sociopaths and psychopaths start with the senseless killing of animals. Jeffrey Dahlmer did. I remember his case quite well, because he grew up, living across the railroad tracks where my wife and I once lived. It makes one think.

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