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Thread: Diaper Covers with Frills

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    Default Diaper Covers with Frills

    I know this topic is about diapers, but I thought it would better suited here since it is more sissy and girly. I really like looking diaper covers with frills I think more then any other kind. I find them so cute and adorable. Are there any other sissies or little girls that like diaper cover with frills more rather then without?

    Also are there really any actual diapers made with frills?
    I find that idea so adorable.

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    Perhaps there's a cloth diaper with frills, but any attempt at such a thing with disposables would no doubt lead to disappointment.

    As far as diaper covers go, check eBay or the usual suppliers. Babykins has some that look decent, IIRC, if you're north of the border.

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    I'm not much of a real girly-girl but yeah, the frilly diaper covers (they're usually called rumba diaper covers) can be cute. But I doubt they would be very comfortable on me due to the fact that plastic-backed diapers make my butt sweat.

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    I'm thinking that the rhumba tights would look really cute. I'd give them a try, even though I'm not into my sissy side all that often.

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    I remember when I was young, toddler girls often had these (plastic pants with frills) over terry nappies. My sister wore them for one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambus View Post
    I remember when I was young, toddler girls often had these (plastic pants with frills) over terry nappies. My sister wore them for one.
    Yes, I remember them as well. Even as a little kid, they always turned me on....sigh.

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    They were not meant to be covered up but more to reveal the sissy feminine baby aspects.
    Even more so when worn with a short dress (skirt not so much) with an empire waist.
    If a skirt is worn then a short mid-riff blouse or 'T' shirt should be matched - belly button showing !
    A petticoat was not needed the empire waist dress would flair out enough to show all.
    Best worn with lacey anklets and mary jane shoes.
    Not all of these are made with an interior plastic liner so care would be necessary if wetting was the norm.
    Some sprout frilly ruffles across the bum and some go all the way around.
    Some sport 3 or more rows of frills - the best have 7 or 8 and are in the crotch piece.
    In lieu of these one could select 'Square Dance' panties with the ruffled texture all over.
    Some of these SD panties come in a brief and on the other end extend to capri length (Miss Bo-Peep pants).
    Best when the colors are pastels or loud neon PINK - you are not going quietly and will be seen !

    Example from an ebay listing:

    Custom Roomba Ruffled Satin Adult Baby Diaper Cover ABDL w/Optional Insert Sissy (131145363933)

    LINK : Custom Roomba Ruffled Satin Adult Baby Diaper Cover Abdl w Optional Insert Sissy | eBay

    Ula-la I see more than London and France - I see the whole continent or maybe that is incontinent !

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    I bought these a few months back and they work really well, the only things is that that they run big in size so you might want to look at a size smaller than you normally wear.
    Frilly Plastic Pants for Adults

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    Fetware is where I got my favorite pair. Good selection of plastic pants and more.

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