Two nasty bugs were fixed today:

(1) Tapatalk no longer permits in-app registration.
Tapatalk's in-app registration system is horribly broken in several ways, and they have taken their sweet time fixing it, but, as of now, it should finally be killed off for good.
Various issues were caused by this while it was in operation, such as:
- Unexpectedly blank profiles
- Members who couldn't level up as they expected
- Members without the ability to receive password resets and other crucial email
- Members with their Facebook / Google+ accounts linked to on their ADISC profile page. This is a fine example of the privacy risks of FB/G+ integration, of why we don't support it, and why nobody should be signing into anything they want to keep private using social networks.

(2) Members using the default mobile theme should no longer get blocked by a confirmation page.
Every member has to, at some point, go through a page which asks you to confirm that your email is accurate, that you've read the rules, etc. It is a very useful sanity check.
Unfortunately members on the mobile theme (not tapatalk, the browser-based mobile theme) could not complete this page prior to today. Now, the page displays a warning to all, saying that if you are using a mobile browser, you will need to either click a special link, or simply use a desktop PC, to complete it.
This is far from a perfect solution, but it is an important temporary workaround for an issue that was making the site unusable on mobile for a small number of people.