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Thread: Current State of AB Universe

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    Default Current State of AB Universe

    Had a shipment on backorder for over a month, no word about shipping yet. Tried to reach customer service, they've had their automatic response on which directs you to a customer service feature on there website that's not available any longer.

    I have sent multiple emails over the last week and a half; no one has responded to them.

    Placed another shipment and they haven't sent me shipping info yet

    What is going on? Are they stealing my money??????? What is going on?????

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    ABU back to their old ways? Never preorder with ABU, they never get things right for that. This is among the reasons so many here don't like ABU, it happens so often that it gets ridiculous. They have terrible customer service.

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    Never pre order from them and it said they will ship within a one business week of order now but let's see if they change it again like they did last time when I pre ordered from them. I did get my package around mid December and I was told I was paranoid, not lucky I got it. But it's not worth the stress to go through so I won't pre order from them again. Someone on here said it took them up to a year to get their order. I don't want that to be me.

    Even though the items are now available to order, I wonder if they will really ship within one business week of order. I would try it with a sample pack because I am willing to lose a little money for it.

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    I did finally get those shipping notifications today, for both the pre-order and the regular order. Finally!

    I can't give up on ABU, I like their products too much, and the other sites don't give you all those coupon codes.

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    The SDK's, I assume? I ordered those (on backorder) along with cloth Cushies (in stock) several weeks ago when there was a sale. I received the cloth Cushies promptly (within a week from order date), still waiting on the SDK's. I wouldn't worry too much, I've never had them fail to complete an order. Their pre-orders and backorders may take longer than the stated date to fulfill, but they do fill orders eventually in my experience.

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    Never ever had an issue with abu make sure you call them when they are open and you will talk to someone and they will help you . They don't usually email a notification of a back order that gets put further back but will tell you if you ask. Also no I don't work for them. But they are the best Imo I've been a customer for 3 years straight being 24/7 of either sdks or cushies and they are the best quality for the price and always last me 8 +hours with a booster or two. Plus they always have coupons to use

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    The only issue that I've had with them is the constant back orders, also they stopped offering the cloth cushies for quite a while. My last order was placed in November and I didn't get it until the end of February. since the backorder was so long they decided to send a free gift, I was hoping for a pack of boosters, I got two free diapers instead. I was disappointed.

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    So, I am aware that they just had a massive staffing change and that there were some issues with getting the train back on the tracks. They are a small organization, but I bet if you send them an email asking for an update if you don't feel like you're getting enough love, you might get something back. However, it's possible their email system is partially derailed as well. I am contacting someone with the potential power to solve the problem.

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    I never preorder from anywhere. I've also never had a problem with their email support. Only issue I ever had was FedEx's fault - package got lost for 2 days.

    I like ABU. They make good products and the shipping is discreet.

    I wonder what would happen if ABU, Aww So Cute, and Bambino merged.

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    Well, I made a $220 order, none of which was preorder, and have yet to see any tracking information or get any response to my multiple emails.

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