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Thread: lack of girls

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    Default lack of girls

    why is it there are so many more guys into nappies than girls is it just a case that there are more girls but they keep it hidden

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    Because guys always seek them out and make it a very awkward experience for them. There are plenty of girls who post on here once only to get swamped by guys trying to talk to them that they never come back. We males are really bad about understanding what it's like to be a girl and especially a girl, who is into diapers and trying to find a place to belong. Maybe we'd all do a little better with speaking about out interests vs the idea there's a girl out there into it. Because odds are you're not gonna meet "Ms. Right" on a site like this where most people are to afraid to even use a real name. Rant over.

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    There's a lot more girls into this than you would think, but desperate males drive them away pretty quickly.

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    It seems from my own experience that other women exist in the community and I've met quite a few, but tend to fall under the AB/Little category way more then the DL category. In the past it was generally thought that women were less interested in DL habits because a diaper tends to apply 'pressure' to males in certain areas and females don't have.. those areas.

    Of course, that doesn't rule out the possibility of females being interested, but does go to explain how it's fair easier for men to develop this fetish.

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    No matter where you venture on the web, there's always at least one bottom dweller lurking around for some "seckzy pix".

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    There is a theory right now about women being more sexually fluid than men. Granted, right now most of the research into this topic concerns sexual orientation and bisexual experimentation. But I think that sexual fluidity can be applied to fetishes. My current hypothesis is that due to women having greater sexual fluidity, they are not restricted to certain narrow fetish desires if they do indeed have them. Then when the fetish is seen as culturally unacceptable, as is ours currently, females are more likely to be able to just drop them for other, more acceptable, sexual interests. Men are commonly sexually rigid, meaning that they are less likely to experiment or stray from their earliest desires, and so my hypothesis would mean that they won't be either able or likely to drop their earliest fetish desires. Also then, women are more likely than men to gain new fetishes post puberty, and I think this explains why a strange amount of women compared to men on this site report discovering their AB/DL side at a very late age (late teens, twenties, or even later.) With these new fetishes, though, they are even more easily dropped if they become undesirable in some aspect (such as a partner has no interest and/or finds it off-putting.)

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    I can't really add a whole lot that others haven't already said but perhaps I can inject my own experiences.

    I've spoken to around the same amount of girls as boys here on ADISC, mostly through conversations utilizing private messaging, and the general consensus expressed here is quite accurate.

    One thing I will debate however is that most girls are only AB's. This comes up every now and again and personally that isn't my experience. I haven't noticed any lack of other female DL's out there and as an almost 100% DL myself I get confused as to the origin of this info

    Disregarding that though, I'm not unfamiliar with the awkward messages some guys seem to think are warm conversation starters. The shame with that is even though you get those messages every now and again they obviously aren't in the majority here at ADISC. Plus they're probably good guys! They just come on a little strong

    You'll find it's mostly the same across the entire online ABDL community. I'm on a few different websites and it's a similar situation.

    Don't necessarily think there's a lack of girls around. Just that they perhaps like to remain a little more in the background

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    No matter where you venture on the web, there's always at least one bottom dweller lurking around for some "seckzy pix".
    True that and its waaay more then one, its common place, with exception to Adisc which is the other way round lol!

    The poor woman get targeted because of there sexuality, so im not surprised that they are seemingly less.

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    Girls who are total DL's (for as long as they can remember) probably shared their urges to wear diapers with their close girlfriends at a very young age.
    Guys, on the other hand, would never even dream of telling their "guy" friends about it at ANY age.
    For me, my DL side had nothing to do with sex until I reached puberty, so it was not a fetish when I was 8 or 9. (This probably goes without saying, since I wasn't exactly sexual at 8 or 9!)
    When girls choose a man, they want them to BE men. Getting ambushed by a bunch of interested men who are AB/DL tells women nothing about the man's ability to provide, father, etc. There is so much more than just "being a DL."
    I think this is why many women prefer to stay in the background, since they require more information about the man in question, not just what kind of diapers they like to wear!
    But, are the girls/women actually out there? I think so, probably right now, diapered-up and sharing a bottle of wine with their closest girlfriend(s). To them, it's just another funny, silly, crazy thing they like to do on "girls night out."
    Personally, I like the funny, silly, crazy things women do when they're alone with their friends. Oh, to be a fly on the wall......

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    I have only met one girl who was an AB, and I think that most guys do drive them away by freaking them out and wanting to get to know them sexually just because they are an AB/DL and from what little I know about girls that will almost always turn them away when it the first thing a guy brings it up.

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