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Thread: Just got lucky

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    Default Just got lucky

    Today I was poking around in a container where they are emptying the entire public healthcare building and I scored!
    4 diaper testers, tena flex maxi med, tena slip plus med, a pull up and a padding thing.
    Flex is great! but plus is even better for me!

    I also found tons of expensive lighting systems, hardware and other medical supplies.

    has anybody else gotten lucky like this? (diaper wise)

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    I sure would be careful poking around in anything that was being dumped from a public healthcare building. think about it!!!

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    One thing is that with medical facilities and diaper. I have spent a lot of time in hospitals so I know this. When you are in the hospital and they bring things in your room such as a pack of diaper, a cream, or something like that, They are required to throw it out. They are not allowed to keep it once it has been in your room. Last time I was in the hospital I noticed that when ever they came in to change my diaper they only brought in one or two. That is the reason behind why there are un-used diapers in the trash.

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    If it is an active facility, I would not TOUCH them with a ten foot pole, let alone put one on, but if it is clean out and total gut of an old building, I doubt there would be much risk, still not worth it to me. Today's Super-bugs are nothing you want to mess with!

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    I love Tena Flex although TBH,more for the 'aesthetics' then the fit.
    You scored big, congrats!

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    I can see why they would throw out unused diapers, it's a health thing perhaps. Why not just take the diapers home with them when they get checked out of the hospital?

    But what is wrong with taking diapers from there if they are unused? if they have been worn, I wouldn't take it.

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    I would be very careful. Just because they have not been worn does not mean they are safe. Remember MRSA was developed by accident in medical facilities. If they are in the trash it is not that they may be "dirty", but what else is in there that can still cause contamination but not "required" to be marked as biohazard. This is not a very safe practice to get into, and still very risky even if you know where the stuff came from.

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    MRSA wasn't something that was developed, it is the product of natural selection. Maybe developed by nature...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusDaBear View Post
    Microwave 'em to be sure.
    Put a little cheese and bacon on there first...

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