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Thread: Any Nuks larger than a Nuk 5?

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    Default Any Nuks larger than a Nuk 5?

    Well I have my card in hand, ready to make the next big order. I remember BabyPants claimed they were coming out with a Nuk 6 which is supposedly longer but that was Decembers ago.

    There was one site that was in german but it had me questioning, "Are those pacifiers or mutilated sex toys?" And the site was creepy and shady as hell. Hard pass. Hard pass.

    Are there any reliable sites with a Nuk < 5 available? Thanks.

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    There is a nuk 7 on pacifiersrus. They run a good business and offer different sizes and silicone, but some people say that their prices are very steep. And compared to the normal nuk 5 on babypants they are actually quite overly expensive. If you must have a nuk 7 though, I'm not sure if you will find it anywhere else.

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    There's no "Nuk" that's larger than a Nuk-5. Anything larger isn't produced by the same company, and is just using the Nuk branding to try and instill a sense of security in potential buyers. That said, there are larger pacifier nipples, some of which are of high quality materials, others are questionable at best (See: That German site you were referring to. Probably not a legitimate source).

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    Baby Tak,

    I posted a very similar thread (Bigger than NUK 5 paci )on this very topic complete with graphics and measurement quotes. As I stated in that thread, the paci I was looking at is bigger than the 'NUK 5' but it's called the OTL6. It appears to be the largest pacifiersRus carries. Have a look at their site and hopefully it should answer your question(s).

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