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Thread: Facebook buys Oculus!

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    Default Facebook buys Oculus!

    VR game creators react to Facebook's $2 billion purchase of Oculus | Polygon

    What are your thoughts on all of this? Did you care at all about VR Gaming? Do you think Facebook made a smart move? Or do you think they made the worst business decision ever?

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    I'm pretty disappointed with Oculus right now

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    This could be one of the worst moves for Oculus I was going to get this when they started to sell but now that Facebook owns it i can see them trying forcing anything facebook related when trying to use this. This should have no connection to social media but that is what they now clam they are going to do with it.

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    Kind of annoyed.

    I mean I've got my dev kit and had fun with it, but I really wanted to see a final consumer version. Facebook is either going to kill it intentionally through incompetence or apathy.. or best case they'll lock it down and make it into some grotesque monstrosity.

    My only thought is this is a reaction to the recent Sony news. Tough competition from an established big player with an existing platform would make me kinda nervous.. and $2 billion is a lot of money.

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    I am utterly gutted. I was really looking forward to getting my hands on a rift, but I fear Facebook will ruin it.

    Oculus has really let down anyone who supported them on kickstarter. If oculus has made a statement about this could someone please link me to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskvarna View Post
    If oculus has made a statement about this could someone please link me to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoundCoder View Post
    Done. You win.

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    Smart move on their part. Made the creators a decent chunk of money, for the rest of their life.

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    There's no guarantee that they will try and integrate their site with the VR set, buuuut it's facebook...
    I don't like my Social Media and my Gaming to mix, I don't want to share that I'm home alone on a friday night playing video games for 7 hours straight with people I know in real life. Just saying.

    Alphaomegasin (youtube) has a good vid up about this if you want to check that out.

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