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Thread: Abena M4's: What is going on?!?

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    Default Abena M4's: What is going on?!?

    Haven't started a thread for a while! I'm getting a lot of mixed messages concerning Abenas and not just on this site, what I'm hearing a lot is that the Abena M4s have reverted to plastic-backing after temporarily being cloth-backed - now I may me asking here for proof of something's that's uncertain (and that could cause issue or unhelpful guessing) but 1. I really just want a clear with-evidence answer (if it's possible) and 2. If you can help me out it'd be great! So...are Abena M4's plastic-backed or not. In conclusion I once again must underline that I may be asking for an answer which isn't known - though I mean to insult nobody whatsoever!

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    From what I've heard, they are beginning to make them cloth backed for European markets. In the U.S., They should still be plastic backed for now. I bought some a couple months ago and they were, however, they have definitely thinned out the plastic. They feel a lot cheaper than they used to, in fact, I've broken 3 or 4 out of 2 packs just trying to pull the tapes tight. So be aware that they're cutting corners and trying to reduce the cost on their end. I don't think they're quite what they used to be, but they're still a fairly good option for a thick diaper.

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    I wear plastic backed M4's every night. They are still available in the US and Canada (as well as the cloth backed ones). I believe that they are not available in Europe any more.

    I find no problems with the tapes currently and they are one of the few diapers that do not leak at night for me (I am a side sleeper).

    You may be able to get them sent from the US, but it probably won't be cheap. I know how expensive it is to get diapers from Europe here (i.e Fabine)

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    Plastic backed M4s and L4s have never been discontinued, and are currently available in Europe (after all they are manufactured in Denmark!), even though some retailers stopped carrying them and just offer the cloth-backed "Air-Plus" version. Save Express, in Germany, is probably where M4s/L4s can be bought for cheapest, at least on this side of the pond.

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