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Thread: Dry 24/7 up and running!

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    Default Dry 24/7 up and running!

    Hey everyone,

    Just checked the Dry 24/7 site, and it looks like they are taking orders now. Just ordered a sample pack. Keeping my fingers crossed

    The site has a bit of a wonky shopping cart system, and they only accept PayPal it seems.

    Seems like their diaper prices are pretty high now though. It will be interesting to get the sample and see if they are worth it.

    Stay wet,


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    I looked at their site and they're high. $55.00 for a pack of 18. $124.00 for case I don't think so.
    I looked at XP Medical's site and Gary hasn't yet updated his Dry Care page.

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    I will try a sample if i like them i will buy a case but so far comficare L10 has been my new chose of diapers since bambino bellissmo messed there new diaper up ugh oh well i still have a few old cases of the bellissimo

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    $55 for a pack of 18?!? I'm not paying $3/diaper!, the case price is more reasonable, provided they ship in the 4x18 packs they used to

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    I am definitely buying a samples. I wish I had some old ones left to compare with the new ones. Darn it! I hope they did not get too thin!

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    Interesting... Bought a sample, paid with PayPal, and then had my money refunded.

    Note from merchant:
    We are sorry... we refunded your order since there was a glitch on our website and the payment reached our Web Guy.
    We will be up and running shortly with our Promotional Sale of $95. per case.

    Dunno if I want to buy a whole case before trying them....

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    If I get any I'll wait till Gary has them. Then maybe I'll get a sample. I don't trust Dry Care's web site at all.

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    Too expensive and am not paying that much for a pack of diapers or for a case.

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    The website seems to be down (offline) at the moment.. Is it the amount of traffic from ADISC I wonder? Hopefully not something else..

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    The website seems to be down (offline) at the moment.. Is it the amount of traffic from ADISC I wonder? Hopefully not something else..
    I'm ruling out the idea that we could generate enough traffic to take down a website.

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