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Thread: People who get into this late

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    Default People who get into this late

    I always find it interesting that someone gets into diapers in their adulthood because it usually starts in adulthood. I saw some saying in the other thread about diaper loving generations they got into this as an adult and it makes me wonder how you did you get into this lifestyle as an adult when you had no diaper desires before growing up?

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    I've no idea from personal experience (been into diapers as long as I can remember), but maybe it's like coming out (if you're gay)? People do that really late in life as well. It's always there, just repressed and not admitted, even to themselves..

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    I also got into it due to my IC problems. I started back in my early 60's by wearing female IC pads inside my panties.
    Then I finally ended up in diapers 24/7 a little over two years ago.

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    I started in my 50's after a long interval of planning accidents in (discrete) semi-public places. At some point I realized that diapers would make this a lot easier and allow me to experience non-bowel accidents in fully public places. But the first time I wore one, something else happened. While I still enjoy the accident part, there was a positive psychological effect that is far more important to me. After a 5+ year transition, as I wore progressively more frequently, I now wear most nights and parts of most days. (It helps me keep from being a grumpy old man.-)

    In retrospect, I realize that I had a fascination with diapers going back to at least 5 or 6 years old. (A clear recollection of asking a friend if I could try one of her little brother's diapers.) While this stayed with me in a variety of indirect forms for the next 50 years, it is something (one of several things) that, while always with me, I had never consciously acknowleged.

    So I can't speak for others (I don't even know if there are others), but I can say that starting in adulthood for me was a result of sublimation of a psychological need that started as a young child. For me, anyway, the older I get the more accurate my understanding of who I am gets. (Not always a pleasant experience, but on balance a positive thing.)

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    Calico, I have always been curious about how an adult can just "become" AB/DL. In my experience, I've always had the urge for as long as I can remember. And, it wasn't a choice.
    It sought me out, tracked me down and for a very, very ling time I thought that I was weird, strange, nuts, crazy and the like. Imagine how blown-away I was when I found the internet!
    Adults who "come-out" have probably had urges all their lives and found out, as I did, that there are others as well. Exonerated, they begin to explore the aspects of their urges, as I did.
    Since I found this site, my diaper wearing/usage has increased to a level that I never anticipated. I denied my urges for a long time, and now I'm catching-up. My curious side kicked-in, and it's been a great experience.
    Adulthood has given us an opportunity to practice our aversion at will, and knowing there are others helps us with acceptance of ourselves. Speaking only for myself here.
    Now, about my pocketbook.......

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    If they come out, they didn't get it in their adulthood, they had it from when their desires first started. I am talking about people who get into the AB/DL thing as adults and they never had any diaper or baby desires before and no interest in it. I had no interest in this until I was nine. I knew someone online who didn't get into this until she was 18 and it started when she dated a guy who was a lot older than her and her liked girls in diapers and put her in them and would have sex with her after peeing in them. Then she was hooked on it and wore them ever since and then she got into the baby thing in her early twenties because she decided to try it after seeing it online. I don't know where she is now or if she is still into all this because I haven't seen her online in years. But yeah that is how this one gal started with her AB/DL. She said she had no interest in this before she was 18 and never knew anything about it but wished she was into it then.

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    When I was a teen, I would wear all my undies at once and wet them. I did my own laundry, it was summer and I was bored. I never thought or knew about older people wearing diapers until our son was born. About the same time, the internet became a part of our lives. One night I was searching innocently for baby related stuff and came across an AB site where a guy was wearing a diaper and being breast fed. It was an "OMG how weird" experience, but the seed was planted. I couldn't wear my son's diaper but held it close and wet one once to see how if it would hold an adult soaking. It did and it felt "good", shall we say. Didn't do it again for several years until last year when my wife told me to throw out some pull ups a nephew had outgrown. They were far too small for me (I did manage to wear one without it tearing) but again, I held them up to me and was amazed at how much they could hold and how good it felt. I searched the internet and found ADISC and experimented with bigger pull ups, Depends and eventually, adult diapers.

    So Calico (I believe you were one of my first ADISC friends, in fact), I can't really explain why I all of a sudden decided to get into diapers other than it was just an experiment, maybe something "naughty" to do one night when everyone else had gone to bed. Maybe because I'm older I want to be younger, when relatives were still alive and everything was much simpler.

    Because of work and family, I don't wear every day or night, but indulge whenever I can, sometimes months go by in between paddings. The feeling is always there now and I find myself going down the adult IC aisle when I get a prescription at the pharmacy not buying (thank goodness for Bambino) but kind of drooling, shall we say. I hope that gives you a little insight into an older DL and maybe answers your question?
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    The AB/DL community is, not one unique kind of person, we come from all walks of life. people have tried to explore us, but, there's no other common factor beside diapers that explain our backgrounds.

    I've had the urge since I was really young. As far as I can remember, I liked diapers. I had a younger sibling (9 mos apart). I grew up in a poor environment. I was raised by my mother, my father was never in the picture, and I've never met him beyond babyhood. I don't even know what he looks like.

    If you'd ask the next person about their background, it would probably be totally different. There's nothing but this that we have in common.

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    Hi there
    My diaper life started recently however after a lot of examination I realise that my diaper desire stared when I was a teenager and forced to wear them in hospital, if not I was not allowed to out of bed. Over the weeks I was in hospital the diaper became associated with freedom and comfort as I could go to the hospital school to work on my GCSE's and do fun stuff with the other children in the ward I suppose it became like a comfort blanket. On returning home adapting to wearing normal underwear was not easy however I forgot about the hospital and was absorbed by school, college, university and work. Over the next twenty years I could not understand why I was drawn to the bladder weakness section in my local Boots store. Last year I researched why this was this and was so grateful I found this community as the twenty year fog was lifted. I am now back wearing diapers and could not be happier.
    Anyway this is my brief story of my journey as we all come to this from different angles.

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