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    Want to order some supplies, whats your view on these?

    AMD SLIP MAXI MEDIUM WAIST 3400ml PKT x 20 $22.30
    ABRI-FORM M4 AIR PLUS MEDIUM 2412ml PKT X 14 $27.25

    I like M4s but never tried AMD OR VLESI
    Want something thick for under $30 im not incont. Just a non wetting DL

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    AMD maxi are good value for money, thick cloth backed nappies. They are white with purple markings. Vlesi comfort premium are thick, pale purple plastic backed nappies. The mediums run on the small side though. Have not tried the M4 cloth backed variety yet.

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    The M4's you've got picked out there are the cloth backed ones in case you weren't aware. They have absolutely horrid odor control (it seems to actually amplify odors as far as I can tell), though if you're not planning on wetting them that probably won't be a problem.

    I've never heard of the other two.

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    As an Abena user, yeah, I'll admit, the air plus does have pretty bad odor control.
    AMD slips are great for the price you've listed. I've tried them once if I remember correctly, I think those were the ones I got at the thrift store here for $10 for a pack of 20. Good quality cloth, pretty absorbent, they were comfortable too despite the fact they were extra large and kind of big on me.
    Not sure of the other one, I've heard of them, but don't know much about them.

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    Ill try the AMDs, I thought my DLness would go away if I ignored it but no, im wanting to get some.

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    Well i got some Depend briefs (mid absorbency), really comfy! Only con is tapes aren't reusable.

    Quiet a task getting them: i went to a discount chemist and found them and waited for ages so there was less people but the checkout line was too long so i went to their other store a few mins away. After a while I found them got them but there were boxes in the way and the pack was too high so a staff member said she'd help, an awkward moment of here helping and me trying anyway. There were still a few people lined up so i tried to hide the pack but no one cares. After i got them put in a (semi see through) bag I went to the toilets and had great difficulty rearranging stuff in my backpack to fit them in. But it was nice to wear one (around TAFE to). I put a fresh on one yesterday before going out (I volunteer at this fortnightly event that young musicians come and play live and get a sound recoding, I do videos/photos/lighting)now its time to get up and take it off(unused). I wear because i like the feeling of them but also I did a few times a wet the bed due to sleeping well.

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