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Thread: Team levelling in City of Villains

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    Default Team levelling in City of Villains

    I'm going to go right out and admit it. I'm stuck. I need help to get past level 42 in City of Villains. It's frustrating, I can't seem to get much experience, and teams don't last very long.

    If you'd be willing to have me lackey you up, or malefactor down do my level, I would *greatly* appreciate it.

    (note: I don't want to get powerleveled, I want to team up with people for extra experience.)

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    My bad guy over your way is still only 22 (I think), but I'm willing to take some lumps if that helps.

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    Probably would help if you mentioned which server you were on... I lack high level villains on anything except Triumph (and I don't play that server anymore without a very good reason), all my mains are heroes and on Virtue... but you're in the level for Cimerora/Rikti War Zone stuff at any rate. So that doesn't matter a whole lot. =P

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    Good point, Kate-chan.

    My character's on Guardian, the Red-Headed Stepchild server.

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