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Thread: Anyone have any experience/info on these?

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    Default Anyone have any experience/info on these?

    Okay, so I am not one for plastic pants or cloth diapers, but these have really caught my attention. They're called Antsy Pants, and they're reusable cloth diapers for youth (from babies to bedwetters). What particularly holds my interest is THIS. They have size 11 ones, and according to their sizing chart, they stretch to 33" at the waist. It looks like they primarily lease these diapers out, but you can purchase them as well. The price seems reasonable, so I'm considering making an order, I just want to know some more about them (fit, absorbency, flaws, etc.) before I commit (I'll have to wait for the perfect window to make my order).

    I've searched on here, Daily Diapers, and Google, but I can't seem to find any useful information. So, I'd appreciate it if anyone has ANY info on these.


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    they look pretty cool
    to bad they don't make adult sizes

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    Try Snap-EZ. They are great and come in adult sizes too.

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