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    Someone that I know ordered disposable diaper covers for me on ebay. I was wondering what I diaper covers used for exactly?


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    Disposable diaper covers, or disposable diaper covers, or... ??

    If a cover is not waterproof, then its likely functions are:
    • To hide the diaper -- basically, the same as underwear/panty covers. For babies (of all ages), these are often adorned with ruffles and other cutesie things.
    • To provide added support (but not a lot).

    I have never heard of the covers themselves being disposable, but I'm guessing that's not what you meant. Just checking.

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    If they aren't waterproof, I think they're just for show, making one feel a bit more babyish. Baby outfits, especially for girls, may have a diaper cover that matches the little dress. They're cute.

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