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Thread: Being a DL and having kids question???

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    Exclamation Being a DL and having kids question???

    So I'm set to get married and we are planning to have a child about one year after the weeding. One of the concerns is how will it or might it impact us. Meaning I love to wear diapers for comfort and recreational use. At what time will the child realize daddy is wearing a diaper. What are some of the dangers and what are others doing who have kids.

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    Hi. I would say that you can still use diapers if you keep it discreet.

    You can wear diapers overnight and the kids will not know. If you wear the right diaper nobody notices anyway if they are under clothes. There's no reason for kids to suspect.. It is not as if kids will expect their dad to be wearing a diaper or they, or anybody else, is looking for diapers. They should never have to realize that daddy is wearing a diaper.

    Discretion is the key, in my opinion, as this would not be a discussion I would like to have with my kids. There are various threads on ADISC about kids finding out and discussions as to whether you should tell them the truth or not. As wearing diapers, for a lot of us, is a choice, then it would be the same as discussing any fetish with your kids (BDSM etc.), in my view private and not for kids. Then you would have to make up a medical condition (if you have a genuine medical condition this conversation is easier).. As I say, not a discussion I would ever want to have.

    So keep it to yourself and you should have no problems.
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    There would be no reason for your child to ever find out , simple enough to put out of sight for a scant 18-20 years.

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    Lol yeah I know. Trying to figure at what age they will become suspicious.

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    I've managed to keep the diapers a secret from the kids for nine years and counting. I have no plans to open up about it. As I see it, unless you're wearing for need, it really isn't something you share.

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    Consensus in other threads about this has been that you should be discreet about it (e.g. no walking around the house in just a t-shirt and diapers), and it's not something you should really share with them (at least definitely not the fetish aspect). In the event that they do discover the diaper stash, explain that sometimes you have to wear diapers and that it's a very personal thing (it's also a good opportunity to explain about privacy and not searching through other peoples things).

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    Quote Originally Posted by txdl20 View Post
    Lol yeah I know. Trying to figure at what age they will become suspicious.
    They will be walking around exploring around age one, have the capacity to remember by eighteen months and very conversant by age two. You would be forgiven for thinking that these examples are too young, but also remember that the first born will see......even if only for a limited time......what subsequent siblings will never get - their parents undivided attention and resultantly will hit these milestones earlier.

    Parents have no secrets whatsoever from anybody the child chooses to talk to, this list will include - but is not by any means exclusive to; your family's, your friends, babysitters, all their schoolteachers. Your child is a blank canvas when born, values and social graces are taught to them, in the meantime your face will always be scarlet red.

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    I was snooping around at age four so when my ex boyfriend was trying to convince me my parents had sex toys, I told him they do not or else I would have found them because I always snooped.

    Even if I did see them, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. I sure didn't think anything when I found my uncles sex toys at 18. I just thought they were things, not something you use for sex. I was in their garage snooping and found those. So if a kid finds diapers, I doubt they will think their mom or dad wears them. I don't think it would even occur to me to ask anyone about them until I was in my pre teens if I saw any in my house. It didn't even occur t me at age 18 to ask about the sex toys because they were shaped like penises an I thought it was gross so I didn't want to ask about it.

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    I have 2 kids, one is 8 months, so no concern there. But my older one is 2 1/2, and boy is he curious about everything. I've decided it's time to cut back drastically on any diaper wearing when they're around, the last thing I want is for him to tell my family "Daddy wears diapers." Some people might think it's just funny, but if he says it enough over time, they may get suspicious.

    I stick to wearing overnight and when they're out of the house during the day now, just to stay on the safe side. I'm also planning on creating a hidden storage compartment in the closet to keep my diapers, onesies, etc hidden. Call me paranoid if you must, but it's a private lifestyle for me and the wifey, no need for the kids to stumble onto these things.

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