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Thread: The silliest alternative use for diapers you can think of.

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    Default The silliest alternative use for diapers you can think of.

    What's the silliest thing you can think of using diapers for other then their intended use?

    I'm a boring lame pants, so for some reason all I can think of is like.. using diapers to clog up a leak. Like a big leak, just cramming the diapers in wherever they are leaking. You need a lot of padding for that kind of leak.

    I have a feeling the great members on ADISC can think of funnier imagery though. What do you got?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    They could make funny hats..
    Ohmaigawsh, diaper hats. Sounds like a fun ADISC themed party in the making!

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    Cloth diapers are good for waxing cars. They also make amusing sailboats if unfurled and placed into water plastic down.

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    the SAP part of the diaper put in a flower pot keeps your plants watered for a long time , I have mixed it right in my compost pile to aid in moisture retention for my potted plants

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    I used one as a mop once to get rid of a puddle of water...

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    I had an incident with a 7-Eleven big gulp the day I moved into my house. I use at least three for the cleanup.

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    I once saw a picture online of a car windshield wiper with a girl's Pull-Up stuck under it. I suppose the wiper was broken and the Pull-Up was serving in its place.

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    My neighbor used them for medicine on her horses legs. She would put something on them and put it on their leg.

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    Got a leaky hydraulic connection? Put a diaper on it! Saw a few like that that the carnies rigged up at a county fair once.

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