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    Default dont know what to do

    I have said it befor my gf knows im ab/dl. She is fine with it. She is letting me buy things and even wear when i want to. My only thing is now i dont know what to do. I wear more often besides bed time but i want to buy things and cant find any good sites. Plus i dont know what to buy. I have a nuk 5 and also have alot of sippy cups. Have a pair of footed pjs but i want more things but dont know what to get. Any ideas would be great. I deff got a one of a kind woman

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    Congrats on finding a kind and understanding companion. Always makes me happy to hear people managing this with success, since everyone deserves their happiness.

    The first question is generally how much you want to spend on these sort of things, and what sort of things do you have your eye on? It seems like you are enjoying the babyish lifestyle stuff, so perhaps looking into other types of that sort of thing would make you happy. Stuff you might find in a playpen might be fun if it's something you are interested in. Goofy little baby toys could possibly be fun, or maybe some soft blankets or fuzzy baby plushies might be nice.

    Are you questioning about diapers? I only ask because you don't seem to mention them in your post. If that's something you are looking into still, there are a lot of options out there but a lot of them get into the pricer range. There was a great article posted with some basic recommendations here: Click! and you might find other things you are looking for in the Articles forum in general. (Click!)

    As someone who tends to go on the older side of things, I just think about the stuff I honestly really enjoy or have always wanted to play with. Picking a character you like and getting a ton of their merchandise works really well for me too, and for babies deciding that you really like.. say.. maybe Sesame Street or something and getting tons of Sesame Street stuff might work. Of course I can decorate and scatter this stuff all around my house, and I'm not sure about your level of ability to do so.

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    Well, just about anything you want is available in the Super-Store called the Internet. Search Google, Ebay and other search engine sites like Dogpile and search terms like; "adult baby clothes", "adult diapers", "adult onsies", and you'll find a plethora of sites that cater to our fetish and life style.

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    Well, I've been wanting some Sesame Street Boxers my girl cousin used to wear as shorts. I don't know where she got them though. So, I guess you can get cute underwear of your favorite characters.

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    Well, what do you want? Did you like cartoons? Clothing with the characters on it can be fun. Overalls? Toys? Stuffed animals? A onesie is definitely babyish, and it can help keep diapers in place. Have you bought any printed diapers yet? You can also print out and tape designs onto your diapers. Do you like to play with toys or color while you're in "Little" mode? Watch cartoons and kids movies? How about a fluffy blankie?

    Anything you gave up as you grew up that you particularly missed?

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    If you don't know what you want to get, then don't get anything until you REALLY know. Just cause you have the ability to spend the money (and been given permission by the g/f) it doesn't automatically mean you MUST get something. Relax, save your money and don't buy something you'll regret later.

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    I am in kind of a similar position. I just recently came out to my girlfriend and she was very accepting. And, I have some extra cash from my birthday and oddly don't know what to get, besides more diapers. But even then I'm not positive which diapers I should get. I love the Bambino Bellisimos but kind of feel like I should try something different.

    Also, I would like a onesie but both Aww So Cute and Baby Pants are sold out. Looks like I might be stuck having to get something shipped from overseas...

    Never thought I would have this problem, lol.

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    Here is a unique idea: buy your wife some jewelry or take her to a nice weekend at a spa or something rather than seeing how much infantilism you can get your hands on or pushing this behavior too far. Abdlism is great and it is good news that your wife is so accepting, but it seems like you already have quite a lot of abdl stuff and allowances to wear and indulge. I recommend trying to be content with what you have, only getting new things/experiences occasionally, and most importantly to put your wife's needs and interests above your own.

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    I agree with Patrick, if you haven't done anything special for her lately, you could do something nice for your girlfriend to show her how much you appreciate her acceptance.

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