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    Hello friends,

    I recently told my ex-girlfriend about my situation. I figured she deserved an explanation about why I had been acting weird (my withdrawl with diapers led to our break up....6 year sucks). She has been incredibly accepting, but has suggested that it might be due to some emotional neglect as a child, which I somewhat agree with. The main reason I avoid wearing is because I find I am quite distracted from my work when I have diapers in my apartment. My question for you good folks is:

    1. Should I try and embrace my DL side and see if it makes life happier (as I inferred earlier, I'm a little on the depressed side)?

    2. Should I seek some sort of help for suppressed emotions before anything else?

    I am a workaholic, and it pains me when I get distracted from doing my job. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Hi itzleman, Ok I tryed getting help a few years ago, the doc gave me pills, pills made me lose my mind, ended up being manic..... "BAD IDEA".
    So the help you seek may actually hurt you instead of help you.
    I fault the DL feelings for my whole life, up till a few years ago, I embraced and I'm happy "not that easy" I do have to be careful, I started out buying diapers in bulk worthy amounts, that cut in to my finances, my family, friends, and I lost a girlfriend, so I still love diapers, and I enjoy, but here's what you can do:
    1.set aside a day.... like on saturdays only, I'll wear diapers and have fun with it, or maybe 1-2 week nights or something.
    2. buy diapers you like, wear less often, that'll make more since after trying it. and don't let the diapers control you, "YOU control them".
    I've been there and know the pain. Hope this helps. any questions, let me know

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    Thank you. I think I need to accept that the diapers do make me happy and that is ok. No matter what success I experience in my work , I can never seem to gain confidence because I am just so ashamed of this side of me. I think that accepting it and controlling it (easier said than done I'm sure) will help in that. Thanks again.

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    Discreetly said it well, you cant deny something thats a part of you, its misery by definition. One thing that could help you would be to keep it from being such a major force in who you are, dont worry about WHY you like it, just accept that you do. I couldn't even begin to tell you why I like strawberry ice cream over vanilla, I just do.
    I do get why you feel ashamed or controlled, its denying yourself thats hurting you the most bud. Don't have your problems on a pedestal bud, knock them of and take over.

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