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Thread: Onzie's for "larger" people?

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    Default Onzie's for "larger" people?

    I've been looking all over the internet and cannot find anything large enough.

    Sadly due to thyroid problems I am a rather large person (62" waist). but I cannot find anything online close to there.

    any ideas on places I can look?
    if they are in Canada that would be even better.

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    Hi there Caveboy! I'm not too familiar with onesies and if you looked on the internet, I'm not sure where else to look other than maybe hire a seamstress, either online or near where you live?

    This looks like it's your first (or second) post. What else can you tell us about yourself? What are some of your hobbies, for example? And, most important, welcome to the ADISC community!

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    I got mine at Pajama City, and I am also in Canada, no issues with duties etc. either, worth a look, and they have a shop by SIZE section that you whould fine really helpful, Sizes Available in Your Height Good luck finding some!

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    there is also the cuddlz website but they are in the uk not sure if u can ship it to Canada as a large teddybear myself i know how hard it is to find a shop with the right sizes
    think your best bet would be what babymt said

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    Google search onesies r us, they make custom, made-to-measure onesies and cater to any size at all! If you send them a message on Facebook with the measurements you need and the kind of onesie you'd like they'll do it for you and they deliver worldwide. I couldn't recommend them enough, I chatted to one of the girls there over Facebook and she was super accommodating and I'm so happy with the stuff I've got from them. They're also trying to reach out to the adult baby community and asked that I send some of my friends their way!

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