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    Hi. I'm curious about wearing diapers. I'm a guy in my mid 20s and am excited at the thought of wearing and going in them. I haven't gotten the nerve to get some yet, though I've been thinking about it after seeing this site. Also like that there are other interests on the site.

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    Hi and Welcome katesboy, Think I can help, The hardest part is "dedication" to buying and wearing diapers. it can be scary, when I bought my first pack at the store, I thought ( does anybody know there for me? ) or ( what if a friend see's me buying ), but after those thoughts..... I bought the pack of diapers, and loved it. that being said....... TRY IT!!! you'll never know until you do. and it can be your little secret. Wearing makes me feel "safe" "it's fun" and it's safer than "drugs-drinking-other things.......... just give it a try, and when you get your first diaper, don't freak at the feeling, embrace it, it may take a few hours of wearing to get in to it. Just remember: IT'S SAFE, IT'S HARMLESS, HAVE FUN I hope a few fellow ADISC MEMBERS will weigh in on "FIRST TIME", it's magic

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    Hi Katesboy, and welcome.The first time wearing a nappy is fantastic.I started wearing nappies a couple of years ago and love it.If you're nervous about being seen in shops perhaps you could order online, that's how I do it.Would love to hear about your first time wearing.

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    Hi katesboy and welcome. Buying your first diapers from the store can be really nerve-wracking, but is so worth it. I remember the feeling that I was going to get caught and everybody knew what I was doing. In truth nobody cares and if you don't want to see anybody you know then drive out of your town to somewhere further away.

    If you want to try making your own diapers there are also threads on here like this one that describe homemade or sewn diapers..

    I wish you great luck with your first time and let us know how it goes. This feeling won't go away and try to relax about the whole thing (easier said than done), but lot's of people have to buy diapers for themselves or relatives.

    As was already said, buying from the internet is very discreet as well and the diapers are far better.. Good luck

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    Hey, katesboy, welcome to the site. I see in your profile that you're a runner. I'm just heading out for a six mile run this morning in -20 degrees temperature. Can't wait until the warmer weather gets here. Are you training for anything or just recreational? I've run a ton of marathons, half marathons and other distances, but right now I'm not training for anything. The motivation can change any day however. Again, welcome to the family.

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