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    So, I have been hiding my used Diapers in my old backpack, and storing it in the far back of my closet. I come home from work today only to find it missing. The only other person in my house that knows of my diapers is my mom, and I'm not sure if it was her.

    Any advice?

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    Advice: dont have a pile of used diapers laying around, its possible you couldnt smell it but someone else might have. Practice hygene bud.
    Also if someone else besides your mom was the one who threw them out they will tell you about it, or if they dont dont be paranoid about who it could have been, learn from your mistake and adjust. I reccommend you buy some black trashbags and throw used diapers away when everyones asleep or whenever you throw away kitchen garbage to keep it from being suspicious.

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    Maybe they started to smell and someone was investigating. I recommend you dispose of them as soon as possible next time. Take them with you when you leave for work and throw them away.

    You're an adult, right? No need to bring it up. What you do is your own business.

    Have a good story ready in case someone else brings it up. Deliver the story without emotion and nonchalant. If you are calm and confident, then the conversation will go easier.

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    This is one of the classic failings of the sense of smell. If you are around any odour long enough, you will become accustomed to it and it will tend not to take note of it. I am saying the smell of the used diapers would be a lot more pungent to somebody who came across them suddenly, than to somebody who was in proximity to them all along. It is for this reason, I will gladly hear bad reports on poor odour control in diaper reviews, while being somewhat sceptical of raving (good) reports of same issue. Seeing as you share accommodation with others, it is prudent to keep an eye to any concerns they might have, regardless of whether or not you consider them to be valid.

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    Best positive you can make of this in my opinion: Approach your parents before they approach you. Two benefits:

    1. You will get a HUGE monkey off your chest.

    2. By telling a close family member you are eliminating the secrecy of your love for diapers. This can make you either much more secure in your personal life, or it could lead you to realize that it was the secrecy you were attracted to.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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