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Thread: If you were the a boss in a video game..

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    Default If you were the a boss in a video game..

    EDIT: Sorry about the typo. I hate when I put typos in my titles. ;-;

    If you were the boss in a video game.. what circumstances would have lead you to fight the heroes, would be your special ability, fight tactics, and boss battle theme? Don't be afraid to be creative, and find unique sounding boss themes and unique things.. but try to simply things down to singular, specific things. Everyone here is going to sound conceited, you are a major boss in this scenario so don't be afraid of that. I'm sort of writing mine like it was a RPG video game, but I imagine this works with lots of games really.

    Also feel free to ignore any categories you aren't interested in filling out. Just hoping to see some interesting posts.

    Here is mine:

    Boss Battle Theme: A Song of Storm and Fire - YouTube Something overly dramatic sounding like this. I would be such a Drama Queen as a villain.

    Why I'm a Boss: Pretty much imagining a Break the Cutie situation here, not going to lie. Though I generally like to think of myself as enough of a Pollyanna to avoid the break, in this scenario I guess not.
    (TVTropes link just in case people are unaware of that that means: BreakTheCutie )

    Unique Ability: Second chance; Any attack I make that has a "chance" to inflict a secondary effect gets a second chance to inflict that affect if the first attempt fails.

    General Fighting Tactics: Pretty much standard white mage that I am, I would annoy the heroes by constantly applying supportive magic to myself and attempting to heal myself, so I would the long and tedious battle no one liked to do.

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    Funny idea you had there and that would be a meany boss >;). Always buffing and healing yourself up again.

    Mine would be a mix of a Blood Knight and a Keeper.

    Protecting something that needs to be, so in order to have or enter whatever it may be, you need to be worthy. So you need to be stronger as I am.
    Probably kind of a sad martydom culture as my background, being a part of a long forgotten order, so that I'd by doing it since it's my duty, but by free will... What is the joy that is left of life? To die, knowing that our task is done.

    If you'd die I'd probably say something like: "And so I have to carry on my duty, forgive me."

    Anyway, I'd be a honor driven sword fighter. I'd like the challenge of that, fair duels. Kind of motivating and demotivating at some points. I'd walk around casually sometimes until I charge heavily. Bowing at the beginning, a bit posing too much perhaps, but it's about pushing the protagonist to his limits.
    With 2 weapon sets perhaps, like one big slow sword and something more fast, but still only melee. I'd like the challenge of it anyway somehow. No magic or whatsoever, but meany combo attacks you'd have to dodge or parry, or you'd bite the dust.
    So my special ability.... would be: Honourable Engagement - Parrying hits while walking slowly to you, if you're too far away. - Kind of an anti range effect.

    As a theme something more classic: Heat of the battle theme

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    Boss Battle Theme: LastEndConducter

    Why I'm a Boss: Probably due to some kind of mental breakdown making me loose all sense of reality due to the insanity of the world today, causing myself to think that by destroying the wills of everyone on the planet I can help rebuild a new world without any conflict.

    Unique Ability: Arte Replenish; if my health falls below 50%, I have a small chance of regaining it back to full health if I hit one a "Mystic Arte" for example on my opponent

    General Fighting Tactics: Considering I'd probably be the "Disc One Boss" as it were, being the villain that is only considered the main one but is just a taste of the true final boss. I'd probably encorporate some dirty tactics like using mainly special attacks and getting my minions to replenish my health when needed, probably not a fun boss, but a good one for whats to come.

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    If I were a boss my background would be that of a great giver who decided the world was not capable being self ruled, and thus try to remake it under my image which would deteriorate the world into a dystopia.

    I would prefer to be a melee based paladin like fighter, heavy armor and different weapons which I create out of thin air, be it axes swords and maces. I would cover my weapons with different attributes like fire, ice, thunder, poison, debuffs and just wail on the poor hero wanna-be who dares defy my rule lol.

    My tactics would be to hit hard debuff and break you down with heavy blows. I would target healers more often also, cuz im evil after all
    Fun topic, thanks for posting it.

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    Boss Battle Theme:

    Upon Engaging: "My legacy must come to an end, so to must yours."

    Why I'm a boss: I have lost everything. My home, friends, family, everything I once called home is gone. Burned to cinders. I gave up my humanity for the power to destroy those would try to change fate.

    Tactics: Phase 1: I sit on a large platform, a Great Sword impaled into the earth in front of me. Upon engagement I hurl the Great Sword at the furthest enemy from me inflicting heavy damage and adding a bleed effect. During this phase I specifically target Healers and Ranged Damage Dealers.

    Phase 2: I drop the Great Sword and curse the party, lifting my hands high above my head I begin to channel vast amounts of Mana into a spell. The ground below your feet drops away into a pit of fire, my eyes burn with an unnatural glow. There are 6 platforms, and you must jump from platform to platform while I teleport and hurl bolts of dark magic at you. Tanks take heavy magical damage and have numerous Damage over Time effects applied to them for the duration of this phase.

    Final Phase: At 30% I enrage, leaping from platform to platform inflicting massive AoE damage to all those within range. All damage I deal is increased by 120% and all damage I take is increased by 120%, you have 30 seconds to kill me in this phase or I will get another stack of "Enrage" further increasing my damage by an additional 120%.

    Unique Ability: Enrage (Increasing Damage done and taken by 120% per stack, stacking up to 5 times)

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