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Thread: What is the weirdest thing you love to eat?

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    Default What is the weirdest thing you love to eat?

    Like the title says, what is the weirdest thing you love to eat semi-regularly if you get the chance or the craving?

    I'm not sure which of mine is weirder so I'll put both of them in. I always get odd looks when people catch me spreading pineapple cream cheese on my jalapeno cheese bagels. I honestly don't understand what's not amazing about the combo of sweet, spicy, and cheesy though.

    The other thing that people always give me funny looks for are my peanut butter and ham sandwiches. What? I only had peanut butter and ham. No jelly or cheese when I first tried it and it was a flavour combot that stuck with me. I was feeling adventurous. I should try to put cheese on it too and make a grilled version of it..

    Anyway, tell us your strange tastes you perfectly normal human beings that are totally not aliens for having such horribly inhuman tastes. I'm expecting great replies! Don't let me down! Make my weird food sound tame!

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    How about pbj with saracha sauce and salami.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waver View Post
    How about pbj with saracha sauce and salami.
    Do you really eat that? What made you want to try something like that? O_O

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    I used to have corn beef hash frozen dinners with apple sauce. I would mix them together. Probably not so strange, but I also like strawberry jam on Egg McMuffins (or is it mcmuffinz? ).

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    A fun thread Has caused a few giggles. Although i myself may be a bit boring and plain with what i eat. I have family members with 'interesting' tastes.
    My nephew will eat tomato ketchup straight from the sachet, or tonnes of it on bread. He recently ate a turkey, cheese and chocolate spread sandwich whilst we all looked on horrified. Hmm, now that i think of it though it actually sounds kind of tasty!

    I once walked into my nieces room and caught her munching through a bowl of uncooked cake mix. She does that quite alot. Raw eggs, sugar, butter, milk. She truly has a stomach of steel! That would make me so sick. Oh well... nom nom nom! She's my adorable little monster. heehee!

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    According to my wife anything that I put in my mouth.

    I like Jellyfish salad, Camel burgers, rattlesnake, head cheese, etc.

    There is only a few things that I have had and will not run to do again, and one is Sea Urchin.

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    I love to eat raw cake mixes too!, I only like tomato sauce on bread if it had a sausage on it i guess the sausage adds flavour to the bread.
    I love those little pre-cut strips of meat for stir frys, I eat the whole tray of them raw
    Also I love to eat raw spaghetti, as I eat them I dip them into sugar and a little bit sticks to the end you chewed.
    My last one is chocolate and plain salted chips (crisps) they taste amazing together ^.^

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    I like to put siracha hot sauce on chinese pork, thinly sliced of course. The two flavors just go together awesomely to me.

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    There's two things I haven't had in years is green tomato pie or fried green tomatoes.

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    I love raw clams on the half shell and soft shell crabs. As a kid, growing up on Barnegat Bay, I've eaten raw bait squid to gross out my friends.

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