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Thread: Slightly weird/gross question: How to schedule a poop?

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    Default Slightly weird/gross question: How to schedule a poop?

    Please excuse me if this question is a bit gross but since me and my mommy are planning a play-date, she wants me to mess my diaper for her. What would the best way to guarantee. I've never tried suppositories/laxatives and to be honest I'm a little scared to and I don't want to huge, uncontrollable mess, just a regular poop. Anything I could use. Food? Laxatives? Suppositories? Once again, sorry if its a bit gross but I'm new at this and need advice.

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    I would stay away from the laxatives and all the rest. It's not the best thing to disrupt normal bodily function's. The one thing you could
    do is be diapered around the time you normally have a BM and use your diaper instead of the toilet. It'll probably a lot less mess and
    easier cleanup.

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    Ya know I'm a 11:am kinda person , I dunno what kind of person you are, but it would be best if you have regularity of your innards. So why don't you plan your roleplay around that time frame eh?

    Just normally eat what you would. Though salads and whatever else get things moving pretty well. Forcing it with laxatives or whatever're not going to like it.

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    I'm an 11:00 A.M. guy myself. It's like clockwork. Your body likes a regular schedule, so like others have said, just wait until the right time. It will come naturally, I guarantee!

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    Uh...I think your asking about what a regular voiding schedule is supose to be?

    Usually about twice a day
    both soild and luquids in the morning but luquids in the evening but that can change on how much you drink or type of foods ya eating.
    Your supose to void #2 about once or twice a day.

    My #2 void earges come usually when I wake up and also have to pee really badly[wakeing up from that earge most of the time] so anytime from 7am to 12am i guess?

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    There's nothing wrong with using some laxatives to spice up your play. They're not harmful unless significantly abused. Glycerin suppositories in particular are completely harmless. Dulcolax-style stimulant suppositories can have a risk of dependence, but only if you're taking one every day or something.

    Also, taking fiber supplements (the cheap psyllium caplets work fine) will add bulk and frequency.

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    I almost always need to go in the mornings shortly after waking, sometimes even before I have breakfast.I guess you just need to recognize when you usually go.

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    I don't know how healthy this is (but I suspect it's not TOO much of a big deal), but I personally would recommend planning the playdate a bit later than you usually use the restroom. I know that having held it for a while makes it a lot easier for my bowels to get moving.

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    I find that drinking a hot cup of coffee tends to get things going.

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    The combination of natural chemicals in coffee is well-known to have a laxative effect, so you're barking up the right tree...

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