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Thread: be a kid:)

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    Default be a kid:)

    What was the last thing you remember doing as a kid??

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    This is such a peculiar question and I really like it. It suggests to me a break between being a kid and whatever came next that flipped like a switch and left this "what were you doing when..." sort of memory. That's not how things work but it's interesting to me to think of drawing such a stark line.

    Taking a stab at it, I'd say for me it happened some time between 12 and 13. After that, you're a teenager, and that's a different stage but I think school years count as well. Middle school was a pretty harsh awakening for me, so I'd say I lost a lot of my kidness before turning 13. I'm going to go with "treehouse sleepover" as my answer but I think the big payoff of the thread is trying to organize my memories in a different way.

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    Honestly, honestly.. I'm doing the exact same things and in many ways I don't feel like I'm the right person to be answering this question. Calling me not a kid is probably not something most adults would do.

    If I have to answer though, a certain part of myself feels lost when I first decided to actually look for something.. sexual online. Like, in my case it was just some erotic fiction, nothing visual.. but finally doing it and reading it.. I dunno. It felt like something really changed. I haven't quite liked it. I have peace with it though.

    EDIT: Read the question wrong. Though I guess that would mean you know.. the feeling of excitement about a strange and confusing world of something 'adult'.. standing there at the door with my hand nervously at the handle was the "thing" I was doing. I maybe didn't think it really through though. XD

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    I tried to think of stereotypical kid activities and when I could last remember doing them…

    • Playing with building blocks? Erm… did that last week…
    • Cuddling up to a plushy? Did that about 30 seconds ago…
    • Running round and pretending to be a plane? And that a few days ago.
    • Learning something new? That's a daily occurrence.
    • Watching an animated movie? Last time was a few days ago?
    • Being hugged and loved by my daddy? This morning!
    • Looking at the world with wonder? Every day when I look out of the window.

    Being a kid can be a state of mind, you don't have to grow out of it. I don't think I did.

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    Playing with hot wheel cars after school in the dirt. I would use the little bulldozer to build roads and then drive the cars around. I miss than. =(

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    i think the last proper kid like memories i have were around the time i was 9,10 and my mother had to work so i got put into after school care with my little brother (who was in playgroup at the time) that really gave me the opportunity to take nap times and play a lot of games, (i even remeber one specific accident that i had, thinking back to it maybe it was on purpose :P ) granted i was like the oldest kid there at the time but thanks to that i have a pretty clear memory of it. after that it was all primery school stuff and i think i lost alot of my childlike kindness around then.

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    While I'm totally with the crowd who points out that you never have to stop being a kid, this thread did bring up a very specific memory for me.

    I distinctly recall having a Nerf bow and arrow back when I was around 10, and I used to set up all my toys and action figures somewhere wide open and then do target practice with the bow and arrow. That was so much fun, but for whatever reason I stopped doing it and it's the thing that most jumps out at me when I think of drawing a line between being a kid or not.

    Thanks for the thread, feeling really nostalgic now.

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    Default be a kid:)

    Would probably be getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons (back when they didn't suck) in the little den-TV room thing we had in my family's old house.

    Most of my weekdays were spent at swim team practice, or screwing around with friends at the creek and woods behind our house. There was the remains of a 1700's mansion/plantation hidden in the woods behind our house (mostly just the foundation and a few hidden treasures) that only a few of the local kids knew about. My latest memory is hanging out in the clubhouse hideout thing we built out of an old cellar that was hidden out back, was good stuff.

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    I can honestly say I don't have much memories from back then. I kind of have this mental block. It's hard getting through it. I'd have to say playing with this hot wheels train thing with one of my best friends at the time.

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    When I read the topic, I thought :

    Anyway, when I remember me being a kid, it's mainly me playing with my neighbors' kids, going places on bikes, playing tags, or board games while our parents/grandparents were preparing snacks for us.
    It's also the smell of crepes (some kind of pancakes) when awaking on saturday/sunday.
    It's playing football(soccer) or with pogs/jojo's during recess.

    Oh and playing super nintendo with my cousins while our parents was preparing ham sandwich cut in triangle for lunch.

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