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    Hello all?

    I found this site completely by accident, it seems to come up so often when I search for continence products and see you have what I hope is a genuine section for incontinence?

    Yes, I am nervous about joining, with the abdl side to this site, which incidentally I'm not against, but am hoping to find a more enthusiastic member base to sound off to apart the forums from which from what I'm used to!

    So hello all!

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    Welcome to the community. We are a small, yet devoted minority here. I would absolutely say that you will more than likely find the information that you're looking for.

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    Welcome to the forum, im sure youll find what youre looking for here. Theres diaper wearers of all types here, those who need them medically, those who just like to wear and all kinds in between.

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    Welcome to the forum, you will find that this is a very welcoming community no matter which aspect of it applies to you. Take a look around and get to know some of our fine folks.

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    Thanks for all the replies! It is much appreciated! Must say I can be quite irregular in my visits here!

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    You might find a lot of help in our Incontinent SubForum. But for now, let me at least give my thoughts.

    I'm not sure exactly of your situation re: finances, etc. You say you have to pay yourself, which is the situation for most of us. Or maybe that is not the norm in England? Does your medical care actually supply the diapers once you have a diagnosis? That is a great thing: I have been diagnosed and have a prescription, but my insurance company does not cover diapers so it does me no good at all. :-( When you are "referred to the continence service," what happens then?

    You are probably doing the right thing re: good diapers plus pads. Try the Tena Slip Maxi if you want Tena's best quality; it's one of the best around, probably THE best that is not a very thick diaper. Or you could move to thicker one, an Abena 4, perhaps. When I traveled overseas last summer, I relied on these two types of diapers, and I usually managed only two or three diapers a day without any pads.

    Good luck!

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    I deleted the earlier message, it sounded awful.
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