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Thread: Walking in Diapers

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    Default Walking in Diapers

    So this is something that I haven't quite been able to figure out yet. I occasionally enjoy going out in diapers (while running errands or whatever) if I feel like I'm up for a thrill. However, one issue that I continuously run into is that while walking around, the diaper (Abenas) tends to kind of get "worn out" and clumps up in the middle, which seems to result in less absorbency later on. Besides waddling around with my legs spread out (yeah right like that's an option), has anyone else ever found a solution to this issue?

    I know there's no good way around it all together, but I'm just curious about other folks experiences with this.

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    Well, if you're using night time diapers for day time stuff, that is what kind of happens.

    Personally I have never understood why anyone would want to wear a thick heavy night time diaper during the day.
    To me that's just uncomfortable. I like to walk normally, do sports, run, ride my motorcylce, bike, etc... without my IC & the Padding really getting in the way. Thick diapers are just that: thick.

    Also I prefer frequent changes - prevents rashes, prevents smell, prevents general unhygienic conditions (I like being clean)....
    And also it's less sweaty and less obvious (bulge, clothes)...
    So for daytime I do recommend choosing thin diapers or pads or pull ups or whatever... and change them a tad more frequently.
    In all the years I've been dealing with IC during my Adult life - this is what has proven to work and work well, for an active life-style.

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    I'm currently wearing attends slip active 8 which are nice and thin and discreet under clothing, even after wetting.However I have gone out wearing abena M4's and tena slip maxis which are noticeably thicker without having to spread my legs or walk any different.I will say though that abenas are not well hidden under clothing and I will never buy them again as they had poor odor control and poor fitting, not to mention tabs that kept busting.For now I feel my attends nappies are the best for going outdoors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    So for daytime I do recommend choosing thin diapers or pads or pull ups or whatever... and change them a tad more frequently.
    I've tried pull ups and thin diapers before, it doesn't seem to make a difference in clumping.

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    I've found that wearing a snug fitting onesie can really help to prevent the SAP in a diaper clumping up when you're out and about.

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    Which Abena do you use? I've worn the M4 plastic-backed quite a few times out and it holds up really well.

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    I wear Attends out and they work good, except I find they have poor odor control after only one wetting. So what I mostly go with is "Wings" there soft and comfortable even after a 6-7 hours and hold up through 2-3 wettings before needing to change, and odor control seems to be the best that I've found so far.
    I've wet "Wings" many times while out with friends&family and no one ever seems to notice.

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    I've been using Abena L4s for years, daily, with a support onsie, not had that issue. Without one though, yup.

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    I walk in them everyday. I'm in a fresh still dry Absorbency Plus Level 4. Will be going for my morning walk here in a little bit.
    I might be wet before I leave, but I will be wet by the time I get back or shortly thereafter. I don't like walking in a soaked diaper
    so I will change before I leave to go to a store or wherever I go. I don't drive so I have to walk wherever I go.

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    I wear Abena Level 4 diapers 24/7 because of urge incontinence. Wearing a snugly fitting pair of underpants over the diaper or a onsie will prevent the clumping you describe.

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