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Thread: What does a mommy do?

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    Default What does a mommy do?

    I have a friend who wants to start being a part of me being a baby. The only problem is she doesn't know what to do. What should or could she do? Like what does your mommy do?

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    Do what feels natural. What does a mommy usually do for her baby in real life? She watches over the baby, bathes it, feeds it, rocks it to sleep, reads it stories, plays with it, and just generally interacts with it to make the baby feel happy and comfy. You guys shouldn't need to put on an act or do something that doesn't feel natural, otherwise it will dull the experience. Maybe babying is a bit too much to ask at first? You guys could try just regressing back to childhood before infancy and go out to a playground or amusement park and take it from there.

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    Ask her to imagine that you are a baby, and in need of proper care and guidance.
    All the stuff that BigKid25 says is great. The childhood part at the park is probably a good entrance tool.
    The attitude that she should take on is that during the regressive time, she is in charge absolutely. Whatever she says, goes. If you are a 5-year-old at the park, or a 2-year-old at home, she decides what you can play on and when it is time to go home, or whatever other activity she chooses. You reserve no right of refusal. You as the child are required to obey completely. This will make the experience much more real for you, and take pressure off of her, so she doesn't feel she has to push hard to keep you in line. You don't want her feeling like it is too much work.
    She could experiment by giving commands that, in themselves, make no sense, but are designed to give you practice in obedience, and her practice in command.
    Meanwhile, you be the kind of child she doesn't mind caring for. Pick a dandelion in the park or color a picture at home and give it to her as if it is of great value.
    Keep in mind that it has to be a pleasant time for her too, or it may not last long.

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