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Thread: why is life so hard...

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    Default why is life so hard...

    I'm extremely over life, not suicidal but just tired of all the crap! I feel like I can never catch a break. This last year has been the worst year ever! I just want to stay home a cry. How do you guys cope when feeling this down. I honestly feel like I'm a piece of s***. That everyone expects more from me. Please help me with this... probably some background on me would help. I'm 22, male, been working 6 days a week -7 12 plus hour day at my old job. Got this new job 7 months ago, now work 6 days a week 16 hour days and I feel that no matter what I'm treated different in the fact that the expect me to do the most work. I'm a cable tech.

    Thank you for taking your time t listen to my rant. I feel slightly better now.

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    i understand you. While i was 22 i was working in two jobs and have to study hard. I should have more responsobilities and earn more money, and do more stuff and be more responsible at all. Thats what i was thinking .but true is that even then you do half of your stuf you will be fine and your will be top responsible person. i tell you that if you feel tierd you shoul take a break. For example go for a realy long walk, or get a weekend only for you. and ofcourse you should get a good sleep.

    i hope that your get a beter job with more time for you and your family/friends.
    I cross my finger for you and tell you that i've got same problem at some point in my life.

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    Life being hard and the (western dream) is a conspiracy created by the establishment to control the masses. To be a somebody you have to own your home, drive a car no less then three years old, have a partner, go on holidays, watch sports on a big tv, eat food, go gym, play team sports, etc, etc, etc, on top of this we are told to keep the economy going we have to spend, always spend never save, because if people stop spending money they dont have the moden world will spiral into depression, all this requires the masses to take out loans and credit from the fat banks, so they are indebted for 30 years to work hard go home, eat, sleep, rinse repeat every day. Not allowing the individual time to ponder about life, the state of affairs, the government, and then realise something is broken. Then talk to other like minded idle people who have the time and energy to do something about it. This then snowballs into revolution and boom. The establishment loose their power and position.

    So life isn't hard because of a grouping of unfair events in hour life its designed to be hard, to keep you in your place, been that way since the Romans.

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    With the work stuff, it might help to try understanding your situation. Are you doing more work than everyone else, or is it taking you more time than everyone else, or is everyone else doing the same. Sounds silly, but having an objective grasp on a shitty situation can help I think.

    Course of action after that point depends on what's actually going on.

    Personally as a software developer, I've done my share of 80+ hour weeks for months on end, and I've discovered what just about every study on the subject has shown: when you consistently work crazy hours, after a few months or so you inadvertently just end up spreading out your work. Your brain gets used to the concept that it's gotta keep at this for another 14 hours, so it doesn't work too hard. It could just be that you've accepted those 16 hour days as the norm and have adjusted to working at that kind of pace.

    If you're actually getting more than your share dumped on you, it could be just an unlucky string of shitty jobs, or maybe a personality thing. A little assertiveness is generally required. Much as it sucks, being overly passive generally means you get dumped on, even by people who might not realize they are doing it.

    As for the whole life is hard to keep you down conspiracy, I think there's some truth to that, but I also think there's some truth in that for capitalism to (kinda) work, it has to be hard. There has to be a winner and a loser. We can't all be millionaires, or even upper middle class.. for every guy that has a decent job which lends to leisure time and such, someone else has to have a shitty low paying job to balance it out. Getting over that bump is hard because everyone else is trying to get over it. It's a terrible system for sure, but no one has really come up with anything better unfortunately.

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    Hello Littlejusten.

    First I have been there, do that, and have the mental health problems to prove it.

    I am not sure if I understand the whole hours worked thing from what is given, but I will assume the bottom line is 16 hour days/6 day a week/ at 2 jobs.

    I would suggest that you remember to take care of yourself. Our bodies have a defense mechanism that will kick in if you do not take care of it. The first warning signs is the feelings that you are describing. This is the area I did not listen to and got so damn sick I could not recover for 18months and lost my job/career because of it.

    As the other posts have suggested stop and take a good look at the believes you are functioning under. Our parents and society drills into us that you have to be successful and responsible and have all of these high end $$$ symbols to be "successful". The problem is you cant enjoy it when you are sick, and unable to work.

    Once again it all comes down to balance. It is nice to have a lot of money, but I know from the college of hard knocks that after about 55hours a week of work you are doing nothing but paying IRS for the privilege of killing yourself.

    Can you enjoy the high end vehicle if all you do is drive it from one job to another.

    The mind has to have down time to reset and recharge, or you will make more mistakes or be accident prone. The other thing is to look at it from the other side. Who is going to get the promotions and recognition for management that see nothing but spread sheets; the 16 hour/6 day a week tech with a 90% accuracy or the 40 hour a week with 100% accuracy.

    Was not me, but after I was asked to leave they suddenly realized all of the dirty shit jobs I did, but "he was sick to much".

    So even if you have to take a couple of sick days. Get some rest, then look at what you really need to have a nice life with balance of money coming in at a level that you can exists, and have at least 2 hours of you time to do something, be with friends, or just do something not work related.

    I hope this helps.

    I did not do this and built myself a nice little cocoon to hide in and then suddenly found myself asking if anyone would even care if I was no more. At least I had enough ability to answer the wake up call I got from my body.

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    Working long hours is fine, but you have your mental health to take care of first. You need to factor in sufficient recuperation days off - on a regular basis, regardless of the pressures of the workplace. Failure to meet your own needs will result in first a physical, then a psychological meltdown. Been there done that and when the time came the company survived my departure. My message to you is short and sweet, "first and foremost, look after number one".

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    Hi Justin. I understand what you are going thru. I have in the past gotten on that treadmill of working until you drop. It is not good. Fortunately, I was able to several times to take a medical leave of absence from work. The doctor signed off on it so I could get treatment for depression.

    I have learned that, yes, you need to provide for the necessities, food and lodging but everything else is discretionary. I now only work 40 hours/week and make sure the rest of the time is for me, to take care of my health.

    Please take care of yourself and we are here if you need to talk further.

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    I too have been there a number of times. It's never easy, and it does deteriorate one's health. I coped to some degree by finding something which I enjoyed doing. Years ago I bought a good road bike and went riding. I rode it to work and on the bike trail. At another point, I build furniture for my own home, and even some high end clocks, most if which I sold for a profit.

    I'm a musician, so I've always enjoyed my music, and especially playing, but dealing with people could be a trial, not only in patience, but sanity itself.

    Try to get 8 hours of sleep, because that is very important to good health, both physically and mentally. Try to ignore the idiots as they aren't worth being upset. The clear majority of people in this world are idiots. When you go home, shut the mental door on them and do what makes you happy. There was a character in Dicken's, "Great Expectations" who did just that. I took a lesson from it and never turned back.

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    As with everyone else that has replied, you have to look out for #1 first, YOU... everything else should take a back seat, and not overwhelm life to the point of where you are currently at. I look at life like a roller-coaster, it has it's big climbs, steep drop-offs, and a few loop-de-loos in the middle to keep things interesting. It's all up's and downs, and they come and go in waves, some are much funner then others of course, but we all get them in life, you just need to hang in there and tough your way thru it, as it WILL get better sooner or later, it always does, even though it doesn't seem like it at the current place you are at, but believe me when I tell you, it will get better! Just remember, take care of yourself first! Hugs!

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    A little more background for you is I currently only work this one job. I get up at 530 am and work till 7-8pm. Then I get home around 9 and start all over. Ive only had 5 weeks where ive only worked a 5 day week with those hours. Also I for some reason get slammed with work. They way the work is you get a rout sent to your phone where they update it all the time. There are time frames for the jobs 8-10, 10-12, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, and now they added 7-9. Generally you have 2 jobs per time frame. But if youre me im always full of work while others are sitting around with nothing. It pisses me off that I bust my ass off everyday for not even a great job! Instead they hound me for anything they can.

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