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Thread: Attends slip active 8 and Boots stay Dry slips.

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    Default Attends slip active 8 and Boots stay Dry slips.


    I bought some Attends slip active 8 and like them quite a lot.They are plastic backed, apart from the wings and are nice touch and have a crinkly sound when you walk.Also they look good and are very discreet under clothes.They absorb a lot without leaking, unless you sit down in a pair that has been heavily wet.They have one large fastening sticky tab on each side as opposed to four and they never pop off.

    The only issue I have with them is that they have a Velcro tab towards the end of the inside wing which will bend out of shape some, no matter how you fit the nappy, and can cause some discomfort, most noticeable if I'm wearing under trousers and walking outdoors.Does anybody else have this issue with this brand of nappy?

    Also I bought some Boots Stay Dry slips and love them.They are also plastic backed, apart from the wings and the plastic is nice to the touch and nice and crinkly.They have that traditional baby/toddler nappy look and also are discreet under clothes.They have four sticky tabs and they never come unstuck.The packet has the Attends logo on stating "equivalent to attends".They can hold a lot without leaking and are generally good all round.I would definitely buy these again.

    Does anybody else have experiences with these nappies, good or bad?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plevvy View Post
    are any of them one tape or 2?
    Attends slip 8 is one tape and Boots Stay Dry is two tape.

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    does it have to say 8 or are there other numbers and is it plastic

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    does it have to say 8 or are there other numbers and is it plastic, by looking at it i guess its not a regular diaper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plevvy View Post
    does it have to say 8 or are there other numbers and is it plastic
    There are attends 8,9 and 10 and I'm sure they're all plastic backed.You usually get about 28 in a pack so they're good value.

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    Attends Slip Actives are pretty unique diapers. They have plastic backing, with single adhesive-based tapes - each on a short velcro-compatible belt. The belt attaches to a square of velcro on the front panel, and then the adhesive on the ends of the tapes also attaches to the front, so each tape has two points of attachment for a good fit. It's a good alternative to all those cloth-backed belt diapers, like the Abri-Flex, Tena Flex Maxi, etc. - because it has actual tapes and plastic backing. I used to sell them in my web store

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    I bought a pack of the Boots Staydry slips recently.Overall I was very impressed!The sides don't stretch like other pads with cotton feel wings (ID Epert are terrible for the cloth to stretch when pulled by the Velcro tabs causing them to get looser the longer you wear them.
    The Boots Staydry slips fit very well,are very discrete and have really deep containment standing cuffs inside.They might not meet the requirements of someone wanting a baby type disposable nappy,but as discrete,effective,reliable protection from unpredictable bowels or bladder.
    Also worthy of note is that over my various diapers I always were two pairs of Tena stretch net pants.These hold the diaper close to your body and stops them coming down during the day/night.They are tight enough to hold the pad around your genitals,bu not so tight as to not let them expand as they absorb urine.Also by pulling the legs of the stretch pants up and over the part of your diaper around your legs it creates a very effective seal helping to ensure nothing leaks.

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    Hi there
    I also wear Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry Pants One Size during the day as I find them so discreet and comfortable and the plastic backing is an added bonus. I too had the same issue with the Velcro tab and caused a nasty rub, however I now insert a cut down wound dressing pad between the Velcro and the skin and this has removed this discomfort (problem solved). Owing to the discreet design I also wear normal trunk style underwear on top as this helps prevent leaks as the diaper is held more snugly. That being said to date I have never had a leak when in use. Overall I too am impressed with this fantastic diaper. My only gripe is that I wish they came in a larger pack size.

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    I also tried the boots staydry slips , I thought they were good value for money , handy if you need a ok nappy in a hurry , absorbed better than the old ones that weren't made by attends

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